What would happen in Grand Theft Auto: Sydney?


grand-theft-autoImagine if a new version of Grand Theft Auto was released, and our city was the star… what exactly would happen in the game?

What crimes would you commit, and what missions would you have to complete? Any particular areas of town that’d be featured?

Share your ideas!


  1. 1 week later, you receive violation notices in your email for every infraction.
    There would have to a school zone every 500M.
    No parking spaces to stop during the missions.
    But, it’d all be worth it for the Holden utes.

  2. If you had to do a mission in lakemba it would be the hardest game, any game, mission ever. get out of your car and get shot. would the sheik be in the game

  3. In our epic story of corporate corruption and vicious night club owners, the protagonist spends the bulk of his time in traffic jams and waiting for extremely late Cityrail services to get to the next stage of his various missions.


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