What kind of tourist attraction is missing from Sydney?


touristSydney holds its own as an international tourism destination, but maybe we can do even better.

Is there a type of tourist attraction which just seems to be flat-out missing from Sydney streets? What attraction would see more people travel to Sydney?

Put on your Minister for Tourism hat and share your ideas.


  1. Until we get our transport sorted there is little point adding more attractions. Want to see a professional taxi service. Make taxis one colour say light blue so they are recognizable. The yellow taxis in Melbourne work well. Also a much needed reno at the Fish Markets would be a great draw card.

  2. There’s an abandoned underpass close to the corner of Erskine & Sussex st below the m4 freeway it goes for about 30 feet and it is tourist gold! We install a ladder up a pylon and voila- UNDERPASS CLIMB! aim for iconic ironic status- dub it the crappest tourist trap in history-maybe get a voucher deal going with bridge climb.

  3. Sydney is a fantastic destination but the current exchange rate is a big deterrent to visitors. I do not believe it needs anything at all to improve its image—what I do regret, is that certain of its infrastructure such as the harbour ferries, have themselves become a focal point for tourists. Circular Quay, which is how thousands of Sydneysiders commute to work and back, has become a sort of Disneyland on the water.

  4. An embalmed leader. Moscow has stalin, beijing has mao, london has all those mummies. Why not Whitlam? sure he’s still alive but who’ll notice?


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