What is the best bucks night in Sydney?


You’ve probably been to a damn good bucks night in Sydney. Here’s your chance to share your crazy bucks activities in Sydney to other Sydney blokes.

It could be you’ve simply had one of the most amazing pub crawls around. Perhaps you can recommend a great bucks party tour in Sydney. It could be you finished the evening at a great night club in Sydney.

Don’t keep your great party to yourself – recommend it with everyone else, and help us with ideas for bucks parties in Sydney!


  1. Can you have a boys night out in Sydney? Everytime i have more than 3 beers theres 9 bouncers hanging round me. Thats if you can get into the pub in the first place. Now you cant even have a beer and watch the fireworks. Fun police

  2. Boatshed, Manly.
    Can’t be beaten for the sticky floors, loud music, frightening older women on the pull (cougars) and total lack of poseurs. Beer and bands. Awesome.