What is your favourite way to give yourself a “me” day in Sydney?


Some days, you just gotta treat yo’self. It doesn’t have to be your birthday – sometimes you just need to chuck a sickie and have a day all to yourself. So what are your favourite ways to have a “me” day in Sydney?

Do you hide under the doona, order in more food than one person really should eat and watch trashy TV? Go to your favourite Sydney beach and bake in the sun to forget about everything else in your life? Or is there a particular park you like to laze around and read a good book in?

Perhaps you’re more of a shopping fiend… at which shopping centres and streets do you find yourself opening your wallet at? What purchases do you buy?

Let us know what it looks like when you take a “me” day in Sydney in the comments below.


  1. A few things I like to do for time-out/me time.
    Brunch at a local cafe and a movie.
    A ferry to Manly and lunch at the Steyne Hotel and then walk along the beach, or a swim.
    Afternoon tea at the Victoria Tea Room in the QVB.
    Usually I like the cinema for some escapism and me time, Paris Cinema at Moore Park or the Palace on Norton are great.


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