Where are the best parks in Sydney?


There’s so many beautiful parks and gardens in Sydney, that it can be near impossible to decide where to go for your run, walk your dog or spend a day with the kids. We’re going to attempt to highlight the city’s favourite gardens and parks on this post, so let us know: what do you consider to be the best park in Sydney?

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Sydney Botanical Gardens for a beautiful picnic and a view of the bay. There’s lots of little gardens and nooks to explore, and that beautiful soaring view of the Harbour Bridge is something to behold.

Maybe you find Centennial Park to be ideal for a run or for walking your dog. There’s lots of pretty fountains, hills and areas for exercise and playing games with the kids – but these are just two of many popular parks in Sydney.

Whether they’re scenic or convenient, hilly or with lots of facilities; let us know where you consider to be the best park in Sydney below.


  1. Royal Botanical Gardens, because you have a wall of skyscrapers to one side of you, and the harbour and opera house to the other side of you, and wild cockatoos all around.

  2. Centennial Park – there’s something for everyone – plenty of space to walk, run, cycle (you can hire biked), several playgrounds, duck ponds, trees to sit under, public BBQs, an indoor cafe and outdoor kiosk. You can easily spend the day.

  3. Belmore Park..just after you’ve had all your teeth pulled out at the Dental Hospital……… bring your own cask of Tawney Port, and your best chess set…the board is provided under the shade of the beautiful overhanging trees…and you will have the happiest, toothless Christmas in your holey lifetime….cha cha cha…..peter/pj

  4. Hyde Park – how can you go wrong? Close to the city, nice and quiet if you know where to go, close to everything.


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