What is your favourite public transport route in Sydney?


Let’s forget for a few minutes that bagging out Sydney’s public transport is one of the city’s favourite pastimes. The fact is, as unreliable as many of our train and bus services might be, there’s still some extremely scenic views on certain Sydney public transport routes. Which are your favourites?

Maybe you have an appreciation for the amazing city views when you’re riding the Manly ferry across the harbour. Perhaps you find the tram ride to Pyrmont quite relaxing and handy to local shops. And let’s face it, nothing quite beats that amazing Harbour Bridge view when you pull into Circular Quay station.

Just for a little change – let’s look for the positive in our buses, ferries and trains. What is your favourite public transport route in Sydney, and what makes it special?


  1. Ferry from Circular Quay to Mosman.

    Ferry from Church Point around Scotland Island.

    Train from Penrith to Mount Victoria.

    I believe the ferry to Bundeena is pretty nice too.

  2. Nothing beats the Manly ferry especially when the swells are pumping through the heads but a bus ride to Palmy can be great. Bring back the double deckers!


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