What is your favourite hidden oasis in an otherwise average Sydney suburb?


Most areas of Sydney have something special about them – a spectacular beachfront along the suburb’s foreshore, amazing views of the harbour, or simply a beautiful and lush series of tree-lined streets. Let’s forget what most people consider to be the best suburbs of Sydney for a moment, and think about all those unassuming suburbs. Many otherwise unremarkable suburbs have a hidden oasis or something special secreted away in their streets – what are your favourites?

Forget Bondi (and most of the eastern suburbs of Sydney for that matter) – think more along the lines of inner west Sydney, suburbs in Western Sydney and other areas which tourists don’t usually venture out to. What are the best hidden pleasures and delights in Sydney suburbs that people don’t normally think to visit? (Checking the prices of Sydney real estate for sale is usually a good tip-off on the popularity of a suburb!)

Share your favourite hidden secrets in some of Sydney’s lesser-talked about suburbs in the comments.


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