What is the most epic drunk thing you’ve done in Sydney?


It’s true that we have all left our technicolour yawns on the streets of Sydney at some stage. However, sometimes there’s adventures that are so big, they’re seared into your brain forever.

Here’s your chance to show off. What’s the most insane drunk thing you’ve ever managed to pull off in Sydney?


  1. Going out with my Canadian bf for St Patrick’s day. We started at the Gaelic and pub crawled (and fooled around in various locations) our way to his home in Mosman. We were legless and decided to walk over the Harbour Bridge and then grab a cab from Milson’s Point. We stopped in the alcove on the walkway and made love on the Bridge! Only after we finished did I notice the security camera! Oops!! It is definitely one of my favourite memories of a night out in Sydney. He thought it was one of the best personal tours of Sydney you could get! LOL

  2. Marched through quiet side-streets from Newtown to Alexandria after 3am chanting “dick, dick, dick, dick, dick” the whole time.

  3. I drank too many Zombies at The Star (formerly known as Star City Casino), ditry danced with poker machines then ran for closed roulette table that I had every intention of making my dance podium. Five security guards had to chase me around the floor before they caught me and escorted me and my friends out. My friends were happily playing the pokies and nowhere near as drunk as me. They weren’t very happy with me but they now see the humour in that night

  4. It’s not really epic.. but stealing a tamborine from a karaoke house & encouraging people to dance with us on the street.

    It’s awesome getting the most reluctant, most visibly put off people to eventually dance along, whilst my friend performs his terrible, yet hilarious MJ impression =)

    Though- I don’t condone stealing things!