What is the most disrespectful behaviour you’ve seen in Sydney?


Sadly, we sometimes notice disrespectful behaviour in Sydney – frequently from disrespectful kids.

Not all of us are sure of how to handle rude people. What is the most rude behaviour you’ve seen in Sydney?


  1. Not the most disrespectful, but I am continually disappointed by the lack of respect shown to people who hold doors open for others. A simple ‘thank you’ is all that is warranted. Instead people walk through, usually without even acknowledging the person.

  2. A drunk trying to fight with a really old lady for a seat in the train. At 1 in the afternoon. It was an eventful 10 minutes from north Sydney to townhall

  3. I see mainly small children at the times I travel, and they are no bother, but I would like to know why they always
    rush to the back of the bus

  4. School children traveling on public transport, most notably on buses, not offering their seats to elderly people. Although some will move when asked, the majority seem to act improperly. It seems shocking to me that they even need to be asked.