What is the funniest or worst thing you’ve seen on Sydney public transport?


sydney-busWe’ve all got one of those public transport stories… it’s the crazy folk or the funny situations that make your daily commute interesting.

Maybe you saw someone trying desperately to get away without paying for a ticket, perhaps it was the most obnoxious bunch of teenagers you’ve ever seen… perhaps it was something so funny, you had to be there to believe it.

What is your funniest or worst Sydney public transport story?


  1. A woman sitting down cleaning out her earwax with the end of a bobby pin. After each dip, she would pull it out, inspect it, rub it off between her fingers, and stick it in again! Filthy filthy!

  2. I saw with my eyes in the train two grown ups caressing themselves to the extent making some funny noise in the train which was coming from city to Penrith

  3. There was what most would put in the category of ‘crazy cat lady’ on the train one day, she wandered on, looking as if she had never seen a shower in her life, drops one of her bags, a young man goes to be polite and pick it up for her, and freezes in confusion when she yells at him not to touch it, as touching it would ruin its impurity, because he was impure. She then yells at a young man listening to his iPod exclaiming that it was a impure device, tainting him. She continued to bother those around her, making them all awkwardly leave until we were the last on the carriage. Then she sat a few rows down from us talking to herself unt she abruptly upped and left before we arrived at one of the larger stations. I take it she didn’t pay for her ticket.

  4. One night on the train going home I witnessed a “lady” sitting on a seat, legs splayed in the air urinating carelessly over the seats. When people started to gawk at her she started to yell abuse at everyone. Fun times!

  5. One evening, I took my seat in a country train to the Blue Mountains. The couple across the aisle from me were staring at something on the ground. I ducked my head around the seat in front of me, and stared down at the floor in horror.

    It was a leech, full of blood, still alive, squirming on the carpet in a little pool of blood.

  6. A guy on a bus in a fancy suit telling school kids to shut up and sit down and respect the paying customers. Sigh, this was in the eastern suburbs *roles eyes*

  7. I got onto a train carriage once to find the shredded remnants of at least 20 MX magazines all over the floor. It was hilariously messy!

  8. on the back of a bus – “if you’re illegally following me in a bus lane, smile for the cameras” or something to that effect. i thought it was pretty funny

  9. I guess we’ve all used mobile phones at one time or another while on the bus or train so I’m not having a go at those who do, but there was one occasion a while back where a guy was on the bus and speaking to someone with the speaker ON! I have no idea why – it’s not as if he was trying to take notes or anything – maybe he wanted everyone to know he had a girlfriend or something?!


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