What is the best Sydney carnival or fair day?


Sydney is a city obsessed with festivals and celebrations… and hey, when you’ve got as many incredible parks and outdoor spaces, why not? Today we’re looking for your tips on the best street fairs, carnivals and fair days around town.

The Royal Easter Show is an obvious choice – it’s a fantastic day out and you can’t beat all those gravity-defying rides. Luna Park is also a great carnival-style day out… are there any others you can recommend?

Perhaps there’s some great local Sydney carnivals you can recommend – the Surry Hills Festival has become a great mainstay of that particular inner suburb’s community. We’ve also heard great things from families about the Campbelltown Family Show, which is a much better Sydney carnival option if you’re living in the south-west. Are there any others like this which you can recommend?

Share your favourite Sydney carnival, fair day or street fair in the comments below.


  1. Sorry but the Royal Easter Show is rubbish. It’s expensive to get in and once you are in everything is overpriced and poor value. So much cheap plastic rubbish, made in China and greasy food prepared by dodgy vendors at prices that no one would pay at any other place. All in an overcrowded environment with angry mums pushing prams and strollers into you and screaming kids. No thanks, you can keep it.

    The festival that I really enjoy is the Darling Harbour Fiesta, 3 days of great Latin American music, dance, food, arts and craft and culture, and it is totally free to go along and enjoy the entertainment. The food is good and reasonably priced and the atmosphere is vibrant, fun, and family friendly. It’s usually on during the Labour Day long weekend in October and it 200% better than the Easter Show.


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