What is the best part of your Sydney commute to work?

Everyone travels into work by different methods of transport – car, train, bus, cycling or walking. That’s not even considering the different times of day and night everyone starts their jobs.
But no matter how you make your way to work, there’s always a highlight. Maybe it’s a favourite cafe or shop, a funny or favourite sight you see regularly, or simply a really pleasant part of the journey.
What’s the best part of your commute to work?


  1. I walk to work, its the local gym at 5.15 am. Love it, even in the cold for the peace and darkness all around!

  2. Walking across Pyrmont Bridge either by day for the people watching and Harbour views or night for the spectacle of lit up office buildings

  3. Listening to Classic Rock 95.3FM the best music for the morning & a great guy ( Maroon ) on the microphone.

  4. The little take out store has fresh pineapple donuts. I love them. It also helps brighten up my day when people put on body deodorant when using the public transport system!

  5. From bedroom, to home-office via bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes I water the garden on the way.

  6. Those rare times when the buses come at the time stated on the timetable and I actually make my connecting bus. Happens about once every 2 months.

  7. The drive through Galson Gorge early in the morning. It is a great driving road, historical single lane bridge, beautiful landscape & a feel you could be anywhere in the world

  8. The best thing on my commute to work – its all downhill, so I don’t arrive hot & sweaty!

    The commute home isn’t as much of a walk, it is more of a hike – fortunately there is a nice cafe at the top of the hill.


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