What is the best local’s secret in your suburb of Sydney?


After you’ve lived in a suburb long enough, you begin to accumulate a few local’s secrets.

Maybe it’s a hidden store, scenic spot, or hard-to-find pub that only locals know about.

Perhaps it’s an awesome shop or cafe that treats the regular locals particularly well.

Is there a certain local way of doing certain things in your area?

Or perhaps you’ve got a celebrity living nearby that everyone knows about, but keeps tight-lipped about.

Every Sydney suburb has its own local’s secrets – but maybe it’s time to share the knowledge around with others…


  1. Mano Espresso in glebe. Tucked away just off busy glebe point rd. Best coffee in glebe by far. Serving campos coffee.

  2. apart from the trendy inner west, east side. There is actually great little secret food places in the west! Yes…scary the west side.

    Be brave! there is more to food than just sushi roll and butter chicken!
    peach out – thefoodmaster

    tip: no table cloth better the restaurant!

  3. Glebe/Forest Lodge secrets:
    – Cafe: Astori Cafe, a new cafe that has opened in the old Valhalla movie complex. Fabulous coffee and excellent customer service.
    – Pubs: Nags Head pub is a great, old school pub full of locals. Also do really nice pub food but is a bit on the expensive side
    – Restaurants: e-lounge is a funky local pizza place, great for vegetarians


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