What is the best gig you’ve ever seen in Sydney?


live-musicThis city has a long, established history of live music – and there’s been plenty of classic live gigs to go with it.

Everyone’s got a favourite gig they’ve seen in these parts. It doesn’t matter if it was one month or 10 years ago – share your favourite Sydney gig, the location, and what made it so memorable!


  1. GUY Sebastian doing a pre tour party show at Bridge Hotel -in March 2008 with the Amazing MGS ( Rip to recently passed Donald Duck Dunn) WITH those Memphis soul legends and one of our best live acts Guy together – the place was on FIRE ! Totally world class. People who were younger GUy fans to the real oldies coming to see the MGs all agreed it was a real special night. Steve Cropper also gave me his pick LOL ::D AND as electic as I am ID also have to Go for MR Leonard Cohen On his first night at the entertainment centre after a endless absence ! and the 10 minute ovation when he came out…the LOVE ! and the mastery of he and his exquiste band were sublime in every way.

  2. Neil Finn playing a secret show at The Bridge Hotel in Balmain with Tim Rogers from You Am I acoustic, and opened by Kasey Chambers in her first ever solo acoustic performance. 1999 if my memory serves me..
    Insanely good.


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