What is Sydney’s worst suburb?


Perhaps it’s the crime, possibly it’s the bumpkins, possibly it’s a road with a godawful reputation, possibly it’s just the godawful surrounds. Often, it’s a road where the real estate value is severely shoddy.

There’s a few possible choices for worst suburb in Sydney – which godawful Sydney suburb gets your vote as a rough locality, and why?

Note: keep it friendly – any discriminatory comments will be removed.


  1. Liverpool is horrific, junkies everywhere. I went there yesterday first time in 2 years and I thought i was in an episode of The Walking Dead. Don’t go there.

  2. I work all over the Sydney area for the last 8 years. Every suburb has it’s thing. All I recommend is visiting and spending a little time in Miller before commenting. It’s an eye opener.

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  4. Public housing tenants are usually just trailer trash. They do not wish to work but have plenty of money for drugs and cigarettes etc. Abandoned shopping trolleys in the front yards. Washing hanging over balconies
    toys all over the front yards. Usually tough women looking hard as nails and smoking around the place. No nice curtains and blinds at the windows. They should all be sent to the outback to live in tents and that is all they are fit for. Why should workers go to work everyone morning to support this low life that do not want to work and most do not even want to have a wash.

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  6. Growing up I’ve lived in about 10 different suburbs. It really depends on lifestyle.
    Personally I think not too close to the city, but not too far either.

    The City is a rat race with all kinds of trash, big corporations, too much traffic, and vain conceited people. (and let’s face it the roads of Sydney can be pretty bad, they weren’t built with huge population growth from immigrants in mind).I grew up in the inner city now I’ve been away from it for so long, I really don’t see what the big deal is, I guess it’s easier to get around and be a trendy sl*t/sleazebag there, the city and surrounding suburbs have also become way overpriced for what it is,. Personally I feel too much fast life corrupts people inside, maybe okay when you are young but I’m glad I got away from it. Seems a bit toxic and hollow to me now.
    whenever I’m in the city/surrounding suburbs or drive by it and see all the trendies and bubblegum infested footpaths I can’t help but laugh.

    Country I imagine is hard to get around without a car, and even with one it’s still a pain in the arse regarding shops/jobs and stuff unless you wanna be a farmer lol. Dunno what parts are still considered ‘Sydney’ or not but yeh.

    mid-Suburbs where it’s at. One that’s not too gentrified but not a complete sh*t hole. Is ideal (at least I think)

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  8. Are you all so stupid as to see it is our children who will be here ,they learn from there parents and look at all of you is there nothing else you can talk about live life and love your moment on this planet for we are all here for. A limited time. Get out and enjoy the moment

  9. Ive been to heaps of suburbs, mostly in Western Sydney and Auburn is by far the best (not because i grew up there). Its not the safest place in the world when you just move there but when you get used to it you feel like you belong there, yeah there may be crimes but doesn’t every city/suburb have crimes? The best thing about Auburn is that its mostly turks and everyone knows everyone there so thats an advantage for Turks. If your worried about your child or anything just tell them to hang around the right crowds. Theres an all girls school if you are religious or anything and for boys its in Granville which is only 10 minutes away with transport. BUT thats only in the West in the whole of Sydney i think Glebe is good especially if your into music because australia’s top music school is there :)

  10. Suburbs aren’t really the problem, its the people within that make the place what it is. I’ve seen demographics change in many suburbs, some for the better and some for the worse. If you live in a suburb and feel that its safe and good, then more power to you, and if you live in a suburb that you feel is rubbish, just move, simple.

    Although, the one factor that seems to come up is – housing commission. Every area that I have seen with more than their fair share of Houso’s seems to have an issue.

  11. I wanna call out EVERYONE who puts the southwest down. Those who put down anywhere in Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Canterbury, Campbelltown LGA’s, I don’t care about what you got to say because we know y’all actually never lived anywhere in these areas. I tell you what? I’m born and raised in the Southwest. I haven’t moved anywhere else and I’m proud of it!

    To be honest, I don’t even feel safe in the northern & eastern suburbs, in fact I’m even feeling like I could be abused in Bondi or Chatswood. I actually never felt more safer in the southwest than anywhere else in the city.

  12. I live in Newtown and I absolutely LOVE it, I have seen absolutely no crime, no violence and the community is great! The schools are really good and everybody is so openminded! i have to say though, that the best thing about the suburb is King street. kind street hands down.(The best vintage shopping) There are many multicultural backgrounds and the housing is beautiful- borderline heritage. The art here is great, instead of graffiti tags, there will be murals everywhere!

  13. Campsie is the filthiest suburb I’ve had the displeasure to live in. The streets are constantly littered with garbage, the restaurants are cockroach infested and the Woolworths must be the most dirtiest and disheveled I’ve ever been to. I’ve lived in many suburbs around Australia and Campsie has to be the most shocking. Forget about buying fresh fruit or vegetables in Campsie. The people who live there are extremely rude and quite racist towards white people. I’ve been refused service in restaurants, been told to “go home whitey” and more. This is one suburb I want to blur from my memory.

  14. My Family and I, decided to leave the South Western Suburb Abbotsbury in Sydney and moved to the lower North Shore near Mosman for a better future for our kids. We are second generation Australians of Southern European appearance. To our shock and disbelief it seems that higher sociology and education does not dilute Rascism. It is sad that rascism is still alive and growing in Australia. My Children have been told that they are not Australian by peers at School. I am a successful global company director and still saddens me to be asked my Nationality while sitting in a meeting in Sydney CBD. It seems that are number Anglo Australians have still held onto their imperialist Colonial traditions. So Sad Australia.

  15. I laugh at the fact people say its an ease to score drugs in campbelltown, what a joke I live in mount annan a newer more polished estate near camden amd it’s much easier to get drugs here than ctown. Everywhere is essentially ‘easy’ to score from and besides. Do you seriously reckon that tjese expensive areas lack crime and drugs?
    Where do you think the drugs come from ? The people who live in these expensive areas are living among worse than junkies they live among the drug lords and gangs who have made their riches off destroying peoples lives. There wouldnt be low socio economic areas if it wasnt for the greed of the government and the people who make great proceeds of crime

  16. EASTLAKES is so low key down trodden and to the believers of INVASION of BOAT PEOPLE theory, is challenging and I love it .I can afford a coffee there, the waitress smokes ,so what ! And yes it does look a little like the middle east . Surry Hills / Redfern looked like that back in the seventies and whats happened ? I cant even afford cracked pepper now . Twee , glee whatever you call it ,they can have it . Eastlakes rocks ,

  17. I have lived in Maroubra for 25 years, at both the upper beach side part as well as the more notoriously known part of Lexington Plce around New Orleans Cres. I discovered that the reputation of a neighbourhood is a localised culture that is created by each different street, and this can come and go with time. Even though some things never change, I never had any problems. I found it to be a beautiful, welcoming mixed community of both middle and lower class residents living and learning from each other with respect. You can not deny the thuggery that occurs in some places but these outcomes are derived by thugs and not the suburb. Its a great, close net community that looks after each other among the beach and magnificent coast side views.

  18. It really doesn’t matter which suburb is the pits…… there’s a few spot on remarks here about some of the worst crud-holes…. but one should raise the question as to why it is that way and examine the social conditioning and engineering at work aimed at deliberately producing this type schism in culture in general. It goes far deeper than you can imagine and is not by accident.

  19. What about Redfern and Waterloo, I remember Redfern in 1968 1969 and even in 1980 but now it is horrible I feel very unsafe walking around Moorehead Street, Pitt Street Waterloo Raglan Street etc

    I believe times have change and people are more stressed out and money hungry.

  20. Sounds like the snobs from posh areas can’t hack that some of their surrounding suburbs aren’t so crash hot therefore pick on the lower socio economic areas that in fact aren’t so bad but the impressions conjured up in their mind shouldn’t take precedence over reality. I’ve lived all over the state I do agree with maroubra being a dump it us a high crime area my druitts surroundings areas like shalvey bid will aren’t great either and yes claymore airds even rosemeadow and ambarvale are not good but judging multiple suburbs as one is just stupid I haven’t lived in Blair athol but been there numerous times and it’s beautiful same goes for woodbine the hills district eastern suburbs etc get your heads out of your asses and stop being snobs

  21. I’M UTTERLY SHOCKED!!!! Clearly the people putting Campbelltown down have NEVER lived here. Nobody believes you if you write “My friend lived there and hated it” or “I lived there and couldn’t wait to get out” and my favorite “You get broken into and there are drugs everywhere” LOL at all of you, and shame on you for putting up lies on here when this site is to help people who don’t know about sydney suburbs, to look for a great place to call home. Say what you want, I ACTUALLY LIVE IN CAMPBELLTOWN and moved here in 2001 from Maroubra. I found drugs in Maroubra and along the beach and not once have I ever seen anyone injecting themselves, or needles laying around in Campbelltown and my home here has NEVER been broken into as oppose to Maroubra, I had my car stolen, not once but TWICE in New Orleans Cres, out of my driveway and the corner shop was set on fire during the night, by a bunch of vicious thugs who lived down the road. There was also a murder in the bread shop, in pure day light!!! I was also living there when the BRA BOYS where making a mess of the place. You don’t hear about riots in Campbelltown like they did them in the city and cronulla! I have never felt better and IT IS a great place to bring up children, as lots of my friends kids are now graduating from university and making a great life for themselves. How about ACTUALLY living in the place, before making a false judgment. Nobody likes a hater, only facts welcome. Nothing you say or do could possibly change what it actually is!

  22. Claymore is definitely the worst in terms of saftey. Don’t know much about the west or south west. But the inner west is the best place in Sydney in my opinion, yes it may have a higher crime rate and smaller houses than in the north and east. But the diversity of people and class only makes it more interesting and I would much rather that than be surrounded by posh wankers like in the north shore.

  23. The worst suburb to date is EASTLAKES in Sydneys south east, take a walk around the rubbish riddled footpaths or better yet see how long you can stand the shopping centre!!!! even the fast food chains have walked away……..go figure.

  24. South west campsie, lakemba, auburn and bankstown are utter Shiite holes… I’d rather move state then live there.

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  26. Adam wrote: “In my experience as of today Claymore is hands down the worst I have seen.”

    You may be right about Claymore, the place was built in the 1970s as a big social experiment, the idea was to design a modern community of public housing with plenty of open space, parks and trees. Then move disadvantaged public housing residents from the inner suburbs out to there. What they ended up with was a ghetto filled with disillusioned, resentful and hopelessly unemployable youth, generational welfare dependency, teenage pregnancy, chronic school truancy, vandalism and arson. Claymore has one of the lowest rates of private home ownership in the country with most houses being owned by the NSW Department of Housing; the average household income is less than half the national average and more than half of the families that live there have only one parent. I’m sure it will annoy the Campbelltown fan club here but I will point out that Claymore is a suburb within the City of Campbelltown. The poverty, crime and social problems are so bad in Claymore that the ABC Television Four Corners program did a story about it last year. The story focusses on the children who are caught in a hopeless cycle of poverty and welfare dependency. Here is a link if you would like to watch the story on the Four Corners website:


    The story was also reported on the Al Jazeera Network’s 101 East program, here is the link:


    Simply take a look at Claymore with Google streetview and you will see dumped cars, burnt out and abandoned houses, vandalism. I would have the agree that Claymore in the City of Campbelltown is Sydney’s worst suburb. If I was give a choice to live in either Claymore or Redfern I would choose Redfern instantly. Even Auburn, Lakemba or Punchbowl are better.

    As for Redfern it is still a bit rough, still plenty of homeless people about, still a lot of public housing, especially in neighbouring Waterloo. There is still a fair bit of property crime, violence and drug and alcohol issues in the area. But things are getting better as Redfern is becoming more gentrified, more upmarket apartments being built, more high income professionals and creative types moving in, more great cafes and restaurants opening up. In a few years Redfern will be another trendy and expensive inner city suburb just like nearby Surry Hills and Newtown.

    Adam wrote: “And one closing note – what is with the posters who are judging how bad a suburb is by its lack of multiculturalism and praising the melting pot suburbs? To me that is hypocritical and racist in itself- what is it about white Australians living in Australian suburbs tat offends you ?”

    Just because someone finds multiculture to be a positive aspect to a suburb doesn’t mean they find white Australians living in Australian suburbs offensive. It just means that they find multiculture adds a bit of spice or interest to an area, there is nothing racist about that.

  27. And just one more thought – I think the reason why suburbs like Kensington and redfern are constantly appearing is people has seen these places. The truly awful suburbs like claymore are far flung and hidden from view. As of 2013 I believe that 90% would change their vote if they spent a day in the southern claymore region. One street recorded 60 incidents in a month a couple years back!

  28. I have followed this with interest as suburbs demographics has been a lifelong interest to me, and I have visited almost every area in search of the ghettoes, enclaves, mansions etc.

    Firstly, all these people saying the east and north are the worst areas are in dreamland. These areas aren’t for me personally but I can promise they are nowhere near the worst!

    In my experience as of today Claymore is hands down the worst I have seen. Shame as it is relatively isolated with hill views- but the place is an absolute mess, with the most defunct shipping centre I have seen. Please google this suburb and you will read about the horrors of the place. The surrounding suburbs are a mixed bag- Airds isn’t to crash hot, but suburbs like Woodbine were fine.

    Closely followed are the outer mount druitt areas- bidwill, lethbride park shalvey etc. These are only a smidgen better than claymore – mainly because there is more to do.

    After this it is the ethnic ghetto suburbs such as auburn and punch bowl in the south west- gang crime, intimidation – just an unpleasant area.

    And contrary to popular belief redfern is not all that bad anymore, the block has been dissembled and is very much an upmarket suburb today.

    And one closing note – what is with the posters who are judging how bad a suburb is by its lack of multiculturalism and praising the melting pot suburbs? To me that is hypocritical and racist in itself- what is it about white Australians living in Australian suburbs tat offends you ? Crime is almost always lower and the more ethnic suburbs have much higher crime and reports of ethnic tension – it just seems like an odd reason to write of a suburb personally.

  29. First of all Campbelltown is NOT a suburb on its own, it is a local Government area, comprising of around 24 suburbs and over 150,000 people. Whenever anything happens out here the media simply say ‘Campbelltown!’ My husband and I have lived here for over twenty years and raised our two sons here, which by the way ERK, are not hostile drugos with a welfare mentality and neither are their friends. In fact my nephew at Frenches Forest is a druggo and alcoholic. It isnt where you live as much as who you are and Its important to remember that there are good and bad people everywhere. There are certainly some social issues though and these are being addressed by a fantastic police force and community spirit of support. We have friends who lived in Alexandria for 10 years. Their side wall was grafittied EVERY weekend and parties raged almost every night in their street. Campbelltown unfortunately has a bad name and some people have had bad experiences here, but we’ve made it our home, have met some wonderful down to Earth people.

  30. Wow, a lot of people here are stuck in that ‘grass is always greener’ mindset. What a stupid question. So subjectively loaded, I think the author was just looking to troll haha.
    There IS no worst suburb in Sydney…it all depends on WHO you are and what you do to get out of it what you wish.
    The best guidelines are indeed stats, or talking to people with similar mindsets to you. Stop being so narrow minded and bigoted Sydney people, chill out and show some respect!

  31. I find that people from the Eastern Suburbs are generally extremely rude and arrogant. They think less of everyone else.

  32. erk said:
    ” I LOL at the person that said that the Campbelltown is a good place to raise kids..”

    Well Campbelltown is not such a bad place to raise kids, compared to say Somalia, Afghanistan, Haiti or Honduras.

  33. You must be joking. Campbelltown better than the north shore?!
    Campbelltown is a crime ridden cesspit! I’ve had friends out there who have had to put bars on their windows because of constant break ins! When they park their cars at the local railway stations they come back to smashed windows as junkies have attempted to raid their glove box.

    You could walk to numerous public housing estates where children walk around barefoot with scabs on their faces and using profanities – you can also score drugs with ease. I LOL at the person that said that the Campbelltown is a good place to raise kids – my friend pulled her child out of the local day care as she was coming home swearing and picking up hostile antics from the other kids with bogan parents. She could not move out of there fast enough.

    If you want to live close to public housing estates with a welfare mentality, raise children to be hostile drugos, and commute over an hour on unreliable public transport then live in Campbelltown.

  34. I’m moving from Dubai, to Campbeltown and reading the reviews and what people have to say on it, I don’t think I’m that keen any longer. My parents have been put in a tough situation, so we had to make a quick decision and decided to move to Campbeltown, where my uncles aunts and cousins live. I’m just 15 I don’t know if I’m ready for such major movement, especially since its an entirely different CONTINENT. Also, I’m moving from a city which doesn’t sleep and is on the run 24/7, it thrives on night life, tourism and have people from literally everywhere. It is named one of the safest cities in the world. I’ve grown up in a very different environment from a suburb like Campbeltown and I have to adapt a lot. I don’t think I’m ready for this. It’s like my life is being taken away from me, we were doing so well here. I don’t know how I’m going to accept this change, I really don’t know if I’m going to be happy.

  35. I grew up in Granville n back then it was great…now it is going down hill…moved out to Camden loves it…such a great place to live…don’t move to rosemeadow or airds because u will regret it…it’s crazy town…Blair athol is lovely …like every suburb u will find a crappy place…Innow live in Goulburn n love it! People are so friendly

  36. If so many people are so unhappy here in Sydney, why don’t we all get together and change Sydney so that it becomes a happy place to live in!!!, everyone complains but nobody does anything to change it! maybe people should start by changing themselves first, because there are people here in Sydney who have not worked on their spiritual selves, and they are all about keeping up appearances, maybe they need some classes on developing their inner being!, and not just how they ‘appear to others on the outside!’ very shallow, very superficial, mentally ill, materialistic,- so many people are so unhappy in this society which is ruined by people like I just described above!, people really need to fix themselves up here, because this society is crazy here in Sydney.

  37. if you think marrickville is the pits, you must be an insecure, scared little person, I truly can not believe what im reading, i have lived here for 20 years and its no different to the 20years i spent growing up in randwick, i guess your perception becomes our reality

  38. Love kearns. Campbelltowns demographics is changing…one day the average income earner will not be able to afford to live there. I recently moved there from hurstville and love it! People are so friendly there. I too once believed it to be an undesirable place to live but i couldnt have been more wrong! Believe me ive lived everywhere in sydney:) im a professional whos very happy with my purchase in kearns.

  39. To all of those people saying that all housing commission people should live in the outback, are so incredibly idiotic. You can’t just put people anywhere you like. That’s how the whole housing commission “problem” started, the government thought it would be a mad idea to have all the housing commission families living together in a community, they thought it would solve their problems. These are people just like us, they are no different and shouldn’t be degrated.

  40. Actually one of the most festive day in Sutherland is when they have the open day at woronora cemetery, nuff said!

  41. Sutherland is safe but so BORING ! Very few shops or restaurants. I’d rather live in a place with a bit more guts even if that means a bit more crime. This is not living, it’s zombying !

  42. Campbelltown, not the worse suburb but everytime I’m on patrol, there’s drunk or homeless persons urinating on the side of the street, domestic violence incidents or neighbours screaming filth at each other. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be carried out in that suburb to improve things for nice local families.

  43. I’ve lived in Sydney for over 25 years – 17 of them in public housing. I’m getting pretty tired of the old “avoid houso areas” bias. I am the best tenant possible – quiet, responsible, considerate, clean etc (I also happen to be tertiary-educated) and received references from the last real estate agent I rented from. So forget the stereotypes. All sorts of people live in social housing, for all sorts of reasons – as in any type of rental accommodation – and there should be a lot more of it, considering the outrageous rents charged in the private market. After recently losing my job of over 10 years, at 54 years of age, I have unfortunately found it impossible to get another job and I would not be able to afford the private market again. This situation and the fact that Sydney is such an isolating and unfriendly city – whatever suburb – has left me quite depressed and wondering if there is anywhere better out there. Everywhere I go, people are just rushing about, shopping and plugged into their iPods or tinkering around on their smartphones, not interested in making eye contact with anyone outside their scene. I recall Sydney poet, Dorothy Porter, describing Sydney as a “glittering tart” and that says it all really. It’s all bright and shiny and showy, but has no heart and soul. Sorry, but this is my experience.

  44. I do not agree with jjjj ,have u looked up the prices of campbelltown recently ……try denam court ,glen alpine ,Harrington park ,you will find many of those homes in the $600k to a million ,price range .u obviously have not been out to have a look I suggest u look up some realestate websites !!

  45. Marrickville is the worst suburb that I know.Bad heads bad food and too many gronks.Kings Cross is safer day or night.

  46. Sydney is a dead city, the only good thing about it is the medical system. Basically if you are over 30 and single in sydney, youre better off committing suicide. People are rude and money hungry and anti social and only associate with people they grew up with or relatives even if they hate them. There is no nightlife and reason is because everyone is married by 25. A very backward and retarded city. The reason people marry young and have babies in their teens is cause there is nothing to do and nowhere to go and no one to do. I was born and bred here and the only thing keeping me from leaving or killing myself is my 150k salary.

  47. I’ve lived all around the world & would have to say the eastern suburbs & northern beaches are populated with up start mummys n daddy’s that raise their children with silverspoon in mouths then grow up to support their drug habits with trust fund set up for their failed university degrees. Real is on the outskirts of town, real people, real values & real life. Family friendly Nice parks, places of interest & restaurants.

  48. Campbelltown area is the absolute cheap pits of sydney let’s be honest, the people who live there only do because they can not afford elsewhere..

  49. @Lj I live in Old Mt Druitt and own an alternative boutique shop in Minchinbury and I love the area too! Totally agree with you. People who say minchinbury is a bad area have clearly never been here (or were entirely narrow minded when they were) and even surrounding suburbs like Mt Druitt have their good areas, such as where I live in Old Mt Druitt (near the village) relatively affordable, big blocks (perfect for families) and big houses (we’re on a 1/4 acre with all double bedrooms, enough room for two big family dogs in the backyard etc) nice surroundings, friendly neighbours, quiet and hardly any crime, close walk to station with fast train run (sometimes it can take me as little as 35 mins to get to central by train depending on how many stops the train goes to), convenient driving location too with the M4 and M7 so close… and the art and culture is here too, you just have to take a minute to look at the big picture and find it but these things are here, they just need people to realise that :) (doesn’t that make it that little bit more exciting rather than seeing the same thing over and over again every day?) you get bogans but heres a news flash to everyone… bogans are harmless! they may irritate you but generally they are the nicest people and exist in almost every area of Australia in some form so get over it! All suburbs have their pros and cons but it is really personal preference, and pros and cons need to be weighed on far more than just reputation (usually created by people who have never lived in such areas before) or social status in my opinion.

  50. Springwood…it’s in the middle of nowhere (30 minute drive to the nearest Woolies), there’s no jobs, nothing to do, no public transport to most of the suburb and there’s too many dropkick bogan types here now. I hate it, can’t wait to get out.

  51. for those ones that are complaning about australia at all
    you guys should travel to any country of south america and see whats real poverty, a corrupted gorverment that does nothing other then steal your money and corrupted cops
    after this litlle trip i bet you guys would come back to australia saying that this country is the best in the world


  52. where the hell do you get “australia is one of the most liveable countries in the world”? where did you get that from? a book? you idiot dont just say your own opinion and make out like its a worldwide approved statement. right!! got it now? good. dont say it again.

  53. I’ve lived from kirribilli to Canterbury, doonside to Penrith, I recently purchased a house in minchinbury and I have to say is one of the best suburbs I have ever been to, my fiance and I get a smooth run to work, close to M4 and M7, and the new wet’n’wild location is only 5-10mins away. People who say minchinbury and rooty hill are bad and dodgy are the type of paranoid people that lock their car doors and keep their windows up as soon as they travel passed Ashfield or concord lol, I’ve been all over sydney and even neutral bay and mosman have their occasional homeless people in parks and old fishing wharfs, where as my area those homeless people would get housed :)

  54. it really depends what kind of lifestyle you want, city is good for lots of shops /fast life/parties etc but now i’m older i’m kinda bored/tired of that whole social scene. I think most of the people commenting on the so-called ‘dodgy areas’ are probably upper class softies that simply can’t be out of there comfort zones. I live in Narwee which is a quiet little suburb near Riverwood… riverwood really isn’t that bad it’s just another place. you can get violence/crime anywhere if u in the wrong place wrong time yes even in the richie yuppie areas (drunkards bashing each other up n stuff)

  55. Well I live in Minto, near Campbelltown and I think both areas are fine. I actually rather like the Campbelltown area, I think it’s the area’s reputation that it dodgy. I’ve also lived in the Hurstville area and though it is quite boring it is a good place to live. Worst place for me is Kings Cross. The people in the Shire are obnoxious though.

  56. Hi ,I grew up in the shire ,I moved out to campbelltown 25 yrs ago,Kearns and I love it ,we back onto the scenic hills .I have no neighbours looking over my backyard ,very peaceful .the shopping has everything that u could ask for very clean and modern .we are only a 45 min drive to Sydney central and 40 mins to beaches of Wollongong .I think campbelltown has definately changed .they r knocking down the housing suburbs they have already changed minto now and they have started with claymore now .its funny how everybody loves Camden which I love too ,but its only 5 mins away from campbelltown .come out and see for yourself ,how lovely green and clean campbelltown is .

  57. Worst suburb is Kensignton. I’ve lived in many suburbs over the yrs both east & inner west & that by far was the worst. Marrickville is great, great places to eat , its becoming like Newtown. Best suburb I liked was leichhardt I lived there for 7 yrs . Now I go back & I can’t get over how low & noisy the planes are. Concord was great for families.

  58. I moved to Woy Woy and love it. Admittedly the house is in a crescent and I can walk to the water in 2 minutes. Brisbane Waters offers a beautiful walkway right next to the water. it is a small town and the town is friendly. I have lived Bexley, Hurstville, Brighton Le Sands, Carlton, Randwick, Forestville – and the beauty of the beaches, Ettalong and Umina, ferry to Palm Beach and friendliness of the locals is unsurpassed. I have a lttle cottage with ducks and birdlife abundant – all wild and will eat from your hand. There are a lot of young families up here and there seems to be an emphasis on family. The school life and playgrounds and parks and a lovely Aquatic Centre on the main road with every facility are ideal. I see young mums pushing there babies and with their toddlers and old retirees sitting in the sun. Because the town ship is not up market is has a quaitness about it, with the old historic Woy Woy pub and the ANZAC memorial park by the water and norfolk pines flower gardens next to the achored motor boats, fishing boats making it a great attraction on weekends for people who want to get away from Sydney. Overnight stays are affordable and plenty of clubs which allow children access for a nice lunch and to listen to guitar. I love Woy Woy – so close to Sydney by train or car and I think because of its possibly not so great portraiture in the past is one suburb that is overlooked. Just such a lovely, convenient and holiday at home place to live.

  59. Marrickville is the scariest suburb I know and.Have you ever visited the Marrickville Tavern it is the scariest pub in the whole world full of wierdo’s freaks and scary dudes that they are that tough in there that even their breath knock you out .Went their twice and I reckon going to hell is less scary than that place.

  60. Well Jose, while I am sorry to hear that you have experienced perceived police harassment and issues with the mental health system, it seems that the overwhelming majority of Australians, myself included, have never experienced those things. Australia is actually one of the most livable countries in the world which is why so many people from around the world are willing to risk their lives to come here. I can assure you that there are many Zimbabweans who know about political rights issues and police harassment who would be more than willing to have the ability that you have to live in Australia. There are many Falun Gong Chinese who can tell you all about authoritarianism who would be more than happy to trade places with you. There are millions of Brazillians, Mexicans and Colombians who struggle to make ends meet each day and see no opportunity to to provide a better life for their kids, who would love to be able to migrate and settle in Australia and enjoy socialised healthcare, accessable quality education and a prosperous economy with workers rights and good minimum wage. Australia is not a perfect country and there are a lot of things we could do better. But there are also a lot of things that we have got right and we have got it pretty good here – and I have seen enough of the world outside of Australia to know.

  61. Hello my Aussie pals. For those about to rock
    It’s been 30 years since I lived in you’re brilliant city. Many changes I guess
    Lived in Hornsby and Ryde in those days. My son even born there!!
    Sydney was great for us Each suburb bit different from each other
    It’s people that make a place. So it’s not really a bad suburb that should be chosen
    Redfern was great. as was Pymble / turramurra etc

    Good on u all.

    Charlie. Glasgow Scotland. Now there s a city !!!!!!!!!!

  62. For those of you that are scared to travel out west you are complete losers who will never travel anywhere in the world there are people that are much more worthwhile who suprise, suprise live out in the west. Suburb snobbery makes you look like completely ignorant, uneducated morons. I gather that you’re all about 12 years old.

  63. zubutsa,
    Australia is largely uninhabitable. It has one of the worlds worst problems with police harassment, medical violence, authoritarianism and full spectrum incompetence and an assortment of political rights issues to keep an Indy news network in business forever.
    The Rosenhan study is a good example of what i saw and experienced there personally. That and police harrassment is why i left. School was bad enough. Many other ritual atrocities and misrepresentations of health issues under the banner of psychiatry are endemic.

  64. Can I just add…
    Any leafy suburb within walking distance of a train station, and schools and shops and parks. You don’t want to live in a suburb where you have to drive everytime you leave your house. You’ll just get fat and get diabetes and die young if you wed yourself to your car. There’s lots of ‘nice’ suburbs in Sydney that are very car dependent – ultimately it’s a very unhealthy way to live. Trust me – I spent the first 18 years of my life living in such a place.

  65. I grew up in the west (Winston Hills), but moved out when I finished high school in 1990. I’ve since lived in many places around Sydney: Denham Court (Campbelltown), Millers Point (The Rocks), Surry Hills, Petersham and Newtown (last ten years). Quite an odd mix really.
    I think if you have a family, living in a leafy middle class suburb near a train station would be best. Doesn’t really matter if it’s north, south or west, as long as it’s not on the outer fringes or near houso areas – whatever you can afford would be okay. The Hills is nice, but it’s a very car dependent sort of place to live. I remember each member of our family having a car parked all over the front lawn – ridiculous.
    Campbelltown and Penrith (my sister lives there) are practically country towns. If you like that sort of thing – go for it, but it you work in the city, it’s a pain.
    Surry Hills and the inner east is too expensive and too noisy and your likely to have neighbours who care not for your peace and quiet. Having said that, there are pockets of the inner east that are absolutely lovely, but you need serious cash to buy or rent there these days.
    The inner west is mixed. I like living in Newtown cause I can cycle to work in the city and everything is very convenient, but it is very grimey. I like the south end near Sydney Park – at least you can get respite from the craziness in Newtown central.
    Other parts of the outer-inner west are a bit whatever. Nice houses here and there, but it’s really just as suburban and dull as the Hills District IMHO.
    I agree that southern suburbs around Maroubra are pretty grim, and pricey too. Honestly – why bother. If you’re going to live in the east than you have to go the full hog and live in the Bondi, Woolhara or coastal precints. Anywhere else in the east is camping.
    Mascot (near me) has heaps of new apartments and a good train station, but it’s still a strange area. Who lives there?
    Alexandria is very nice – I cycle through it everyday – the only thing that annoys me ar ethe swooping magpies. Keep away from the houso areas and it’s fine.
    Petersham and Stanmore are nice, but lots of plane noise. Okay if you like planes.
    Marrickville has one of the nicest and most authentic main streets, but yes, parts of it are very dusty and grimey. Planes too.
    The north is a bore and very inconvenient – why do you think they charge people from the north to cross the harbour bridge? Stay there! Keep out! Do not bring your boredom into the city please!

  66. Sorry Jose but I don’t see the connection between Rosenhan’s study on American psychiatric hospitals in the late 60s /early 70s and the Western Suburbs of Sydney in 2012. Maybe I’m missing the point you are trying to make, could you please explain?

  67. Not to be a dick, but David Rosenhan’s On Being Sane In Insane Places and Gerhard Fischer’s
    Enemy Aliens go part way in explaining why so many people leave this country altogether.
    My family lived in the western suburbs and couldnt get out of there quickly enough.

  68. I moved to Sydney, quite a few years ago, from another state and find it’s a wonderful city to live in. Apart from being expensive and its inability to cope with traffic; I’ve found the suburbs I’ve visited to be diverse yet full of charm in their own right. Each suburb has its own merit and I can’t understand why a single suburb should be labelled ‘bad’! If we listen and believe what the media say; Sydney is a nightmare! If we make the effort to get out and discover the suburbs we find all kinds of wonderful. I say chapeau to all of Sydney for being one of the best cities in the world. I could nominate some people as being ‘bad’ but not suburbs!

  69. Must say the North Shore is so unbelievably boring.
    Plus, it was North Shore that has dramatically changed my parents’ attitude for the worse and now they value only money and materialism but not me. Can’t wait to move out of Killara this month

  70. I grew up in Maroubra, New orleans cres and went to south sydney high school. I lived there from the ages of 3 till i moved out of my parents housing commision estate at the age of 22. Having lived there for so long, i know everything there is to know about the area the people, the shops and the schools. East Gardens is the closest shopping center with a high theft rate. I have no good memories of that place and HATE maroubra and all the bogans in the area. South Sydney H.S were full of bullies and wannabe nothings. I’m now 30, married with 2 children and would NEVER consider bringing my children up around that filth. Kensington is also really bad.

  71. And I agreed that bad things can happen in nice areas. I have friends live in Beecroft, Carlingford, North Rocks and Baulkham Hills, which is considered safer area. But they all had breakin during vacation and found valuables all gone on their return. Same thing in North Sydney area. Not all rich people are snobbish though, some are very nice and classy. Plus, you have to consider bush fire, flood, etc. @@

  72. I am a single female looking for a safer unit/apartment/townhouse and really frustrated to decide where to buy T^T.
    I only have limited deposit. Although work 3 jobs but monthly repayment ability is not very high, which leaves me very few option…
    I have to consider Blacktown, Parramatta/North Parramatta, and Penrith due to wider range of choice.
    It is just much harder than I thought. But thank you all for the advices and suggestions.

  73. Sydney city is discusting. King Cross happens to be the worst. Hardly a weekend without shootings, bashings and murders. Prostitution and drugs, pathetic. Low lives travelling sydney streets, homeless people spread all over the city. Sydney is a rubbish dump.

  74. i walked around the cross when i was 16 and a bit years old. and i still stop by there whenever i’m in oz. never had a problem and always met a lot of good people. (now 61 yrs old) my advice is “just go with the flow”. if you don’t know where you shouldn’t be just get get out quick………… try georgetown british guiana 1981

  75. St Marys was rough back in 1972 when i got a severe kicking by 2 people just for walking alone down the street (age 12) near the western side of the station in daylight . Hardly able to see with eye cuts and streaming blood i walked nearly a kilometre to the St Marys police station ( then on the highway) to report it and be told “they would be long gone and nothing could be done” .The 2 days of dry reeching with concussion that followed afterwards ,the black eyes , the swelling , the remaining scars , all hardened me up.Here we are 40 years on and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.Its bad in ANY suburb ANY time anywhere in all of Australia .That was only one incident of many that followed involving self defence against knives and guns.Only YOU can make it OK by defending yourself , no one will help you , ever , its dog eat dog and you had better protect yourself . The most alarming thing was when i saw experts in self defence such as the police and security guards being severely injured or killed.Unless its zero tolerance approach with laws fully enforced Australian society will remain the brutal place it is and has been for a hundred years.

  76. Hi,
    Who can help me one question?
    I am planing to buy a property in syvania (sylvania waters). I found out few big block units near the sylvania high school, I suspect those unites are housing commission home. Can any one comfirn for me?

    Thanks in advance


  77. The best part of Sydney is the F6 freeway out of it . Couldn’t pay pay me to live there , the best beaches in the world are on the south coast ,

  78. Mike, you haven’t been to campbeltown, totally wrong. Bogans out your end that’s for sure and if you had lived here you would have known that the there is plenty of night life ( even tho that’s not what makes a suburb ). Clearly, your opinion is of a lower classed citizen. Campelltown stands to be one of the best suburbs in sydney and not as affordable as it use-to be. Reason for this? Houso’s are moving to the east, so live with that cause it’s a fact. Great shops, beautiful surrounding suburbs, clean, and close to everything. Check the stats bozo. You can;t argue with that. BTW wherever you r, please stay there cause campbelltown is too classy to hold rubbish.I back up all the campbelltown supporters, cause that’s the way love goes.

  79. I grew up in campbelltown and have sinced lived in redfern, newtown, Alexandria, surry hills, centennial park, woolahra, and Bellevue hill.

    Campbelltown in my opinion is the land of little opportunity. Its much cleaner and greener than the outer west though completely lacks entertainment, there’s really nothing much out there to do. The only thing I miss of campbelltown is the cost of living is cheaper. Plus too many deadbeats living there and crime is bad.

    Living in Newtown was great for food, nightlife and entertainment, such diverse cultures and very much a place for all types of weird and wonderful people, plus close to the city. I found people here to be among the nicest.

    Surryhills, redfern (east side haha), wollahra… All great places to live. My favorite was surry hills, love the eateries along crown street and very close to darlinghurst, the cross and the city if your into nightclubs. Cocktail bars or pubs. Downsides is it’s expensive to live.

    I now live in bellevue hill which is great, still close to enough to surry hills, the cross and the city for nightlife yet can come home to a nice clean quiet home ona good street to rest! Also close to bondi junction, shopping and fantastic restaurants around double bay, bondi, paddington etc… Love it I won’t be moving back to campbelltown anytime soon !!!!

  80. We need Hillsong to build Mega Churches in these very rough areas and things will change. They will give them inspiration to have self esteem have a bath and clean clothes and well groomed. Get and job and do work for a change instead of living on welfare. Give up the alchol and gambling and smoking. Pay your debts and above all Honesty and do a good days work. Be kind and help one another. Things will and could change. Encourage the parents to send them children to school well groomed and their clothes washed and ironed as most of these areas are welfare and mum has plenty of time to wash and iron the clothes and keep the children well groomed.

  81. Cherrybrook along with the north west are nice areas can get bad at times, lots of drunken teenagers looking for fights etc. West sydney is the same and south west even worse. areas along the coast much more liveable and nice areas :)

  82. Lots of bogans in southern suburbs like Gymea, so I don’t like them. Leichhardt used to be nice but now it’s lost that real Italian feel – need to go further west to Haberfield to find it again. Merrylands has lots of shootings, which isn’t fun, but I live there and I know it isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. I would hate to live in Glebe or Newtown, because of the tiny roads and dirtiness but I like the cosmopolitan feeling. Newtown being more relaxed and less pretentious than Glebe. In Balmain everything just costs way too much . Drummoyne….well, I think this is where I would like to live if I could sell my lovely house for what it’s really worth. I grew up in Concord. Nice. A bit boring though. So, thinking about it. I dislike the southern suburbs most – i.e. Gymea and Miranda and so forth. Sterile, no character or culture, innate or borrowed. And Drummoyne is the best.

  83. The worst suburb by bar st Mary’s. Best suburbs are from stanwell park to thirroul beautiful

  84. It’s been said a few times that there are bad spots all around Sydney, and I agree. The suburbs that I’d describe as the most hellish (for various reasons) would include Bonnyrigg (South West), Riverwood (East Hills), Maroubra (East), Kellyville (North West) and Crows Nest (Lower North Shore).
    I agree with Ang about Lakemba and Bankstown. They don’t have the greatest amenities, but they do have plenty of nice people and great nightlife. I’d say the same about Parramatta, Auburn, Burwood and even Cabramatta. I live in Glebe at the moment but am thinking of buying in one of those areas eventually.
    I’ve also seen Penrith mentioned, but I used to live near there and it wasn’t bad at all. It’s boganic beyond measure, but (perhaps as a reaction to that) it also has a great arts scene, not to mention good shopping, proximity to nature and affordable housing. And to be honest, I’d rather hang out with nice bogans than with hateful, solipsistic hipster wankers.

  85. Commenting on my experiences where I’ve lived, parramatta is the worst suburb. I grew up and went to school in Dundas/Rydalmere area and often went shopping etc in parramatta and always got harassed. Never felt safe, lots of drugs n crime especially in the outside ‘mall’. Very dirty and rude people. Now living in the hills area and love it. Feel very safe, nice clean
    streets and shops etc, friendly , family orientated people. Happy to raise my family here.

  86. The North is nice, expensive, mostly lacks Nightlife and mixed Culture.(excluding the coastal suburbs)
    City suburbs are full of tourism (whether local or international) .
    the inner south west is more European/south east Asian cultured.
    culture thrives in parramatta.

    the worst suburbs would have to be the housing commission pockets which were created .. the ones i have experienced are… riverwood, bidwill&tregear and surrounding suburbs.
    some people have stated Lakemba and bankstown and Marrickville. Those suburbs are lively at night and very social (especially Lakemba & Bankstown).. they are actually really nice places to get some food after hours!!

  87. stives is the most disgusting place ive been to. a disgusting colony of rich closeminded idiots with all ther children running around causing trouble. especially at the shops and skate park. (i lived in killara) i wouldnt let my kids live there if my life depended on it. i live in rouse hill and work in blacktown. and think both these places are great to raise a family. just my opinion through my experience and current situation

  88. The title of worst suburb is different to everyone based on many reasons some people like aesthetics, trends fashion, techno, post modern architectural pseudo individualistic rants of psuedo intellectual favore.
    But really come on it’s all about the goverment enngineers both private and public developers.
    It costs money to build a house and brains common sense a fair share of wealth and a few dollars in your pocket everyy few weeks and a job helps too. Education is a factor, Employment infrastructure and the cycle begins no cash to afford bus and train fair. It’s true the inner west is pretty cool but even if you worked in the city orastern subburbs you could ride a bicycle to work or even to Any Tafe of University in the area.
    So yeh we all think we know the best suburb but really. What are our ansers beliefs and values doing to influence our decisions. I think my home town in 1974 was the best and i will never forget what it was like. I have never been any where better

  89. I am 56 years old and have lived in Sydney for most of my life (except for 6 years in Newcastle). I have lived in 12 different suburbs. They are: Belmore, Campsie, Castle Hill, Cronulla, Doonside, Glenorie, Hurstville, Matraville, Ramsgate, Ryde, Sans Souci & Sutherland. I will therefore only comment on where I have lived. Ramsgate and Sans Souci were by far my favourite Sydney suburbs. Both are relatively safe and relatively quite. Campsie had some great restaurants, especially a few of the Korean ones. Campsie was reasonably safe. Belmore was ok, but I always had an uneasy feeling when I lived there. I was never a victim of crime, but some Belmore teens could be intimidating. Castle Hill, though quite and leafy, was very conservative and seemed to be some kind of christian heartland. This is awkward when you are an atheist. Cronulla was very good; just behind Ramsgate and Sans Souci. My only complaint with Cronulla was that it could get a bit hairy on a Friday or Saturday night. Go the Sharks! Glenorie was quiet and semi-rural, but a bit boring.

  90. Responding to “disgusted” and anyone else who blames housing commission tenant as i didnt read all post. housing commission should be sent outback? Are you serious? I live in airds so i understand how the suburb can get a bad name. True there are a lot of issues with the area but you cant label all housing tenants with the same stereotypical image that you seem to have. I live in housing, i am a single mum but i work 2 jobs, my home is looked after and my children are raised to treat others with respect. We’re not all drug addicts who dont feed our kids and have docs on our back. Moving government housing is not the answer. Getting rid of the individual lowlifes that give the rest of us a bad name is.

  91. To Cleaving to the matter and andrewp, very well said, easterners would hate to agree with you but the truth is out there and we must accept the facts. Totaly back you up.

  92. redfern, eastlakes, waterloo, kingsford

    i got mugged once by a group of youth arsehole at eastlakes
    it was only 5 pm on weekday

  93. It’s like this:
    Northern Beaches: cashed up bogans who look down on every other part of Sydney because they’re too inbred to be introspective.
    Paddington: Cold, sociopathic merchant bankers with no personality and even less culture that seem incapable of even smiling.
    Bondi: Brazilians and Irish backpackers who are generally friendly but the place is peppered with Bondi wankers with zero manners, arrogant dispositions and woeful fashion senses who also for some reason think they are the world’s toughest people.
    Newtown: Hipsters and Lesbians that are so cool they’ve forgotten how to be cool.
    Western Sydney: People there seem to be generally nice but they think you’re a dickhead if you’re from the East which is fair enough but also a little unfair.
    South Western Sydney: Lots of Lebs who are generally civilised and nice but their children can be absolute terrors.

  94. To the poster with the green logo. You kept referring to ‘people’ and the ‘majority’ when it was mostly just you with different names and made-up stories backing up yourself. It’s funny to read all your LONG rambling posts. Stay in school ok?

  95. I disagree with “sydney”, the above commenter, u see, people are entitled to an opinion and it just seems that the majority go for campbeltown, which tends to frustrate eastners cause they think that they are the best, or perhaps even jealous of great areas surrounding sydney, in reality, according to the majority, easterners arnt always happy neither do they always feel safe, which makes sence when you listen to the media. Check the stats big noses, oh and by the way your implying people on this site don’t have a job….dear oh dear…what are you doing on here voting east all the time? The same person is voting east making him/her a very small minority. I totally agree with the better majority and vote campbeltown for there market value and humbleness, as all you get here is the eastern thugs. Go better yourselves and get off the drugs they keep selling ‘your way’. By constantly putting other peoples opinions down, your only prooving them right, so keep it coming bra boys.

  96. The same people posting under different names saying the same things. Those who’ve been posting negative comments about the eastern suburbs claiming to have lived in the areas sound like the same people who actually live in the west/campbelltown. You have too much free time, get a job!

  97. My suburb Kensington. I’m in a housing commision place second floor unit, and single mother of two kids. I have never felt safe even taking the rubbish out at night, and the crime rate is high but never mentioned for unknown reasons. I have asked for a transfer but am still waiting. Previous to this i lived in housing in maroubra and the drunks and drugs being sold on the streets told me i needed to get out FAST. As a mother, living in these areas has been hell. I lived in maroubra for 3years and have been in kensington for nearly 4 and both areas makes me mad to live near the city where people take advantage of the poor. I can’t afford much and consider myself poor but i still get targeted and robbed. I’ve had enough! This is what you call poof as i have LIVED and continue living in these areas, so these are facts. Eastern suburbs are very unsafe.

  98. Wow I totally back up the Campbelltown supporters, I live in Woodbine and it is the best!!! You are all missing out ;)

  99. Ali and others who have made comments with are racist or imply racisim I suggest you make the most of what Australia has to offer. It is a beautiful country and I belive it to be the best in the world.

    …and yes I am an Australian/Arab…

  100. KeepItReal – good stuff you seem to be the only person to actualy make any sense. Fact people not emotion!!!

    Ali – to think that immigrants are the back bone of the workforce is narrow minded.

    Food for thought – I grew up in Mt Druitt, I am a middle child from a family of three boys. My older brother is a Chartered Accountant, I am a financial planner and my younger brother is a dentist.

    Question – Is it the area you live in that defines you, or your parents ability to raise you?

    Ali further to your comment about labels following you – is it that aussies are racist or scared of Australia becoming like the middle east? I think it is the latter. If you want to see racisim and discrimination at its finest look at what happens to christians in Egypt and many parts of the middle east. You might then be able to understand the true meaning of racisim – it is not simply a lable following you.

  101. How about some stats about crime rates, unemployment etc? Peoples stories make for good reading but it’s anecdotal unless you asked a large sample of people specific questions like what suburb did you live in, how long, were you a victim of crime, violence, unprovoked verbal abuse etc. I see a lot of bad press about Merrylands re violent crime but is it because the media focus on this suburb to get ratings/sales? Do the stats back this up? Judging suburbs on perception like whether people drive a range rover or a holden commodore big house / small house is pointless and emotional. Both people could be great people who help out in their community , donate etc our both could be drug dealers…

  102. Kingswood near Penrith would have to be the worst area I’v ever lived in. I’v lived in a lot of suburbs including Mt Druitt but nothing tops it as bad as Kingswood, to many junkies. One particular street is so bad that locals comment that its a cross between kings cross & Redfern. I lived in Mt druitt for years and nothing bad ever happened to me

  103. Classic i def agree you cant bag the richer areas out because people are better off, we talking in general “bad areas” no “snobby suburbs”
    In saying that im voting glenfield to c-town as the fowlest areas to live for crime and scum society, though now i think of it canterbury area stinks also…

    Places to live Central coast or South Coast, Sydneys a hole!!

  104. Only the inner city suburbs and parts of the eastern suburbs come *vaguely* close to giving you the feeling of a “world” city. The cultural diversity of the outer suburbs is nice but there are virtually no places to go for a classy dinner on par with inner city establishments. The entertainment/nightlife is pathetic, nowhere to go at night except scummy pubs, mega-pubs and lame/scary nightclubs, nothing open after 8pm most nights of the week, a non-existant live music scene and bored youths everywhere. But the north shore is the worst because of how shockingly boring it is. It’s a wasteland. Full of stuck up white people with no culture, rude and oblivious 4WD owners terrorising the streets and spoiled private school brats running wild and going feral as soon as they turn 18. It is beautiful though – bushland, quiet beaches, harbour walks, leafy streets and gorgeous old houses. But it still sucks.

  105. I dont think this site was put up for people to argue. Just state you opinion and leave it at that. I’m not a fan of the city because of pollution and way too busy traffic etc, nor do i like merrylands, guildford and south wentwrothville, too many drive by shootings, i must admit campbeltown is clean nad only a short distance from the city with the M5 in place and im a lover of camden as when i drive through there it takes me back in time with old style buildings and beautiful laid back cafe’s. Country is beautiful and so id the water. Australia as a whole is a beautiful country to live in. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI. We should all be proud to live in this country no matter what subburb you live in there’s good and bad everywhwere.

  106. Hahahahaha anothe joker who cant name him or herself but put “bitter westies” instead. I agree with campbeltown people. I live in Botany and it’s full of junkies here and maroubra. The market value in campbeltown has alot of beautiful unafordable areas and houses. I have looked into moving into the area but it’s not as affordable as people think. So before critisizing other peoples comments, perhaps you should do your reserch and see for yourself that people who recieve centerlink benefits are all over sydney and everywhere else. Another joker on the net you are and im not a “westie” so sit on that buddy.

  107. Too many bitter westies here. Don’t bag more expensive areas just because you can’t afford the properties there. One little old house in the eastern suburbs can buy 3 new houses in the west plus some spare cash to employ the Centrelink regulars from Campbeltown as cleaners.

  108. North Shore??? Get real, id rather campbeltown any day. Im with the other guys comments. I live in the north shore and have grown up here but i travel to campbeltown to visit relatives and it’s gorgeous. When i move out of my parents place, im heading campbeltown way. Not too far from the city or country, so you can’t loose. As a youngster growing up in the north shore i’ve seen alot of bad things happen. Not a place i’d choose to bring up my kids. Not sure what planet ‘old mate’ is from but the name should be ‘lonely mate’ oh well, guess that’s his opinion but according to everybody else’s comments. CAMPBELTOWN RULEZ , and i second that.

  109. North Shore??? Get real, id rather campbeltown any day. Im with the other guys comments. I live in the north shore and have grown up here but i travel to campbeltown to visit relatives and it’s gorgeous. When i move out of my parents place, im heading campbeltown way. Not too far from the city or country, so you can’t loose. As a youngster growing up in the north shore i’ve seen alot of bad things happen. Not a place i’d choose to bring up my kids. Not sure what planet ‘old mate’ is from but the name should be ‘lonely mate’ oh well, guess that’s his opinion but according to everybody else’s comments. CAMPBELTOWN’S RULEZ , and i second that.

  110. North Shore??? Get real, id rather campbeltown any day. Im with the other guys comments. I live in the north shore and have grown up here but i travel to campbeltown to visit relatives and it’s gorgeous. When i move out of my parents place, im heading campbeltown way. Not too far from the city or country, so you can’t loose. As a youngster growing up in the north shore i’ve seen alot of bad things happen. Not a place i’d choose to bring up my kids. Not sure what planet ‘old mate’ is from but the name should be ‘lonely mate’ oh well, guess that’s his opinion but according to everybody else’s comments. CAMPBELTOWN’S THE BEST, and i second that.

  111. North shore is the best for families. Not campbelltown!!!! If you’re going to live in the west live in merrylands or doonside, safer than the others. But I’m going to say north shore all the way!

  112. Actualy Realistic me, you are right in the sense that claymore was the most horrible subburb ever with the lowest rating in sydney but they have removed over half of the housing, renewed all the houses and sold them privatly. They still have some more to move but by mid 2013 the area will be finished and unbelievebly one of the most beautiful suburbs to live in. I now live in Zetland which i have never really liked. But im actually thinking of ivesting in woodbine with the high ceiling houses, large yards and clean streets. Not far from the city, beaches and so many fantastic shops. Campbeltown really does seem like the best family orientated and multi cultural place to live in now. It’s the in thing.

  113. Yep eastern suburbs are going down. Unclean, unsafe and overated as most people put it. I especially have an issue with Maroubra, Eastgardens, Botany, Alexandria. Most suburbs i grew up in and thank my lucky stars to be gone. Campbeltown is the place to live in now. I like Mia’s comments, its sums it up well. I also like xoxoxo’s comment as that is true. I have never had a problem living in campbeltown. I’m not happy with Hooters opening up here but besides that, the fact that the housing commision is leaving the area’s surronding campbeltown, it has made it the best suburb to live in, in sydney. I also agree with lakemba , bankstown, mt druit, kensington, bondi,kings cross and blacktown as being bad. I wouldnt want to live there even if it were free but id pay a million to live in campbeltown, we’re not that far from the city on the M5 for work, plenty of shopping and friendly people, not to mention the beautiful houses and clean streets. Bad luck to Monica, dont think many agree with you at all.

  114. To the people saying Sydney has to much racism but ur bagging out bogans and rednecks ??? … Every area has a bad street and every cuty has a bad town I would deff say mount druitt tho!!!!!!!!

  115. Yeah Mia we totally agree with you about Alexandria, perhaps “monica” was on some of those drugs you mentioned for her to think Alexandria is anywhere near good. We too lived there for 7.5 years and thought it was overated, over priced and crowded with junkies. We thn lived in Maroubra for nearly 6 years and in my opinion it was even worse. Street crime happened mostly at night and we found the council didnt care about the area. We now live in Five Dock and although it’s not the best suburb, it is close to work so it’ll do for now. We have never lived in Blair Athol but have heard it’s beautiful and private. Campbeltown seems to be the place to be for families and young ones which is great so that will be our next nest. People like ‘Monica’ should just be ignored. So eveyone just ignore it and keep smiling c ya

  116. Hahaha Monica, obviously has never been to Blair Athol to say it’s terrible. I lived in Alexandria for 11 years and stand by my comment ALEXANDRIA IS one of the worst suburbs as i was broken into that many times and saw so many underage children in the area on drugs. It was horrible. Monica need not be so offended as to try and contradict me. Try living in the area like i did before you pass judgment, otherwise your comment is a funny joke.

  117. I lived in Alexandria for three years. ‘Mia’ is definitely incorrect – it was actually extremely safe, with wide streets and no issues. I’ve had problems living in Wahroonga and Neutral Bay (suburbs I still love), but never had any difficulties at Alexandria at all.

    Blair Athol is pretty terrible.

  118. Maroubra??? Its joke city, the people think they are walking dollar bills and walk straight into a housing home. The drugs are offered to CHILDREN and a child has died on the beach due to a syringe being planted in the sand in 2006. The low lives in the area give it a bad rap and most of my friends have experienced violence on the streets of maroubra including breaking and entering on New orleans Cres while they were in the house IN BROUD DAY LIGHT. The place is a mess and it needs so much maintenence that the council looks like its given up. I went to East gardens westfield shopping center just to find 3 beggers before i even got in there. Never again…. I’m proud to live in Campbeltown where i haven’t experienced any of that and the rating in our area is 9.3 out of 10 as opposed to maroubras 4.9 out of 10 as Sydneys best suburbs all round. My husband went to school in maroubra and grew up in maroubra and all he could say is IM GLAD TO BE OUTTA THERE!!!

  119. I have lived in Maroubra all my life and it is nowhere near as bad as the western suburbs. I go west alot and I have found the worst places are from the Hills district (Seven Hills, Castle Hill) to Penrith. Everything in between is daring to go. St Mary’s, St Clair’s, Minchinbury, Rooty Hill, Erskine Park, Mt Druitt, Penrith itself. Dodgiest places. Then of course you have typical places like Redfern (ever been on the block? Yeah, didn’t think so..), Lakemba, Punchbowl is a horrible place, and of course Woy Woy and Gosford can’t be forgotten. I have found that Campbelltown and Blacktown aren’t really as bad as people say they are. It’s more so the people in these areas rather than the council and housing prices that make it bad. I have had a mate murdered in Minchinbury and several friends be bashed severely in Rooty Hill. Definately places I don’t recommend. I can’t believe some people are saying Cronulla is bad!! It is an amazing place, cultural and beautiful.

  120. Hi,
    Honestly every suburb has its black sheep and no one can say anything about Sydney south west, at least here you see the “multiculturalism” at work Lebanese,malaysian,Australians,Vietnamese,etc all living in harmony.
    Real culture is seen in these areas for example the Lebanese Muslim communities in Lakemba and auburn, the Vietnamese communities in cabramatta, the second you step into these areas you experience a taste of their lives if only people were not so narrow minded and realise that us immigrants are the backbone of the workforce then troubles and labels will always follow us.

  121. I live in Blair Athol in the Campbeltown area. It is the nicest and cleanest area i have ever lived in. I have lived everywhere and can give you a rundouwn on just about anything based on my personal opinion and others. The worst suburbs to me would be the eastern suburbs Maroubra, Botany, Mascot, Alexandria, Randwick, Eastlakes to name afew as they are so overpriced and over crowded not to mention the amount of housing, polution, filth, drugs and crime in the areas and the councils dont bother to keep anything clean, giving sydney a bad name. Lakemba, punchbowl, mt druitt, riverwood, auburn and granville are all no go zones unless you don’t mind drive by shootings, fairfeild and cabramatta aren’t nice either.
    Since i have been living in Campbeltown area (Blair Athol) i will never leave it and am only sad that i didn’t discover it sooner. GO CAMPBELTOWN, IT’S THE BEST.

  122. Greater Sydney is a disgrace. It is the centre of bogans and rednecks in this country. The harbour is a joke, there is so much raw sewerage it isn’t possible to eat the fish from it. Darling Habour is basically a catchment for anything floating in the harbour including dead dogs. The level of racism in the city is over the top. I’m embarassed to show overseas vistors around.

  123. i dont care what the media says i cant stop being over 40% (sounds like nothing but it’s alot in comparison to what the media thinks) that sydney is safer than melbourne. one thing is certain, as far as crime goes, sydney is overrated and melbourne is badly underrated. as sydney has the sydney harbour bridge, the opera house, better facilities and better traffic conditions, it brings the feeling of home. i left melbourne in 2003, no regrets.

  124. The worst areas are usally where the Greens are in power. They are dirty and untidy and neglected homes. No nice shopping centres etc.

  125. yes I have. Castle Hill & Cherrybrook are full of ugly McMansions & brick veneer homes . Narrow minded people in the bible belt of Sydney. People drive 4WDs & have a me me me greedy attitude (benefited from John Howard’s middle class welfare & expect even more from governments). Most in the area promote conservative views, anti environment & pro Tony Abbott.

  126. Castle Hill? Yes, an excellent shopping centre and a council who provides modern community facilities. Some nice cafes and restaurants, very low crime, very low vandalism and unemployment. Quiet leafy streets with very high real estate values. God how could anybody possibly live there?

  127. “Newington is the ONLY nice suburb in West Sydney”

    If you think that Newington is the only nice suburb in Western Sydney then you need to see more of Western Sydney. Newington is a dump. It was the Olympic Village during the 2000 games and was then privatised for development. It is a suburb that is sandwiched between a maximum security prison and a chemical waste treatment plant. All of the cheaply constructed apartments and houses look the same. Nearby suburbs like Marinas Cove, Rhodes, Concord, Gladsville and Putney are much nicer than Newington and have higher property values.

  128. Kings Cross.
    It’s the place in Sydney to quote Taxi Driver where “All the animals come out at night”.
    Nice during the day time though.

  129. Bah, you easterner! :p That doesn’t apply to the northern suburbs, take a look at Chatswood, vibrant and cool. Turramurra is very pretty and bush is easily accessible.

  130. You serious??? You want an American style CBD that’s half buildings and half car parks?
    The CBD is the best area in Sydney, the busy, fast vibrant atmosphere, amazing architecture on every corner. Brilliant skyscrapers to look up at.
    And if you think it lacks culture, you’ve probably never gone south of Martin Place.

  131. Punchbowl is by far the roughest of all. It should be a no go zone for anybody that isnt with or affiliated with the ‘gangsters’ there. I have been a crime researcher for eleven years so… trust me… Stay well away

  132. good: chatswood,hornsby,monavale & manly are the only major suburbs that arent so scumy. YUCK : the others parramatta campbelltown etc.

  133. Mosman & Palm Beach – everyone walks round on all fours with the heads up their a*ses, botox injected face lifted over tanned with a blinkered view of the world.

    like me

  134. I wouldn’t go any further west than Newtown. Just stick to the Eastern Suburbs and everything will be ok…

  135. Disageee with you all! Sydney is great, you can find good in all the places mentioned, and bad in everywhere not mentioned – I lived all over Sydney I can tell you horror stories about any area ! I find the west to be the freindliest place, best for familes and close knit neighbourhoods etc, the East is probably the worst for that aspect though, they will just drive over you on the way into their oversized automatic garages – I would never live there again. Nothern beaches, mostly a pack of monocultured and often racist Aussies without any idea what lies over the other side, same as south but only less to show for it. Inner West, mostly going like the Inner City – too conservative, too expensive and too monocultured. The southwest is where it is at, that’s where the real interestt for me is, lots of interesting ethnicity, cutlural diversity and I go so far to say the breeding ground for the future cultural identies of Sydney – look at where the Resturant and Cafe culture came from we so love now ! Going into any SW Sydney Suburb is like taking an overseas trip, only cheaper ! Yes, the Campsies, Lakembas, Bankstown, Cabramatta, Minto, Harris Park, Auburn to name a few of the hot spots – Go forth expore and and yee shall find ! Trust me , Ive been there, many times, leaves anywere else for dead I say !

  136. No they should not be sent to rural areas. In australia people can choose where to live! And not all people who live in housing are bad.. All my grand parents live in properties owned by housing and they are very lovely clean people who live in lovely suburbs..

  137. The Housing Commission areas should be sent to the outback with all rough types sent there.
    The suburbs would become decent and people respect their property as well as others. Darlinghurst/Taylor Square are dirty filthy suburbs along with Redfern and Matraville is pretty rough area due to the Housing Commission.

  138. I find that all the bad suburbs are concentrated in the West and South-West. Newington is the ONLY nice suburb in West Sydney, but even then it’s kinda Inner-West.

    Southern suburbs are mixed: some very nice (Sylvania Waters), some are OK (Hurstville), but none are really bad.

    I love the North/North-West suburbs where you can’t walk anywhere without finding houses worth millions of dollars lol.

    East suburbs are great other than Bondi where no-one has ever heard of a shirt.

    The Inner South, Inner West, and Central suburbs are all great aswell.

    See? A lor more nice places in Sydney than bad.

  139. Worst are Airds, Maquarie Fields, Woodbine and most of those surounding these; high crime, high unemploymenthousing commission areas – they’re real Ghettos.

    I live in these suburbs …. Worst in Sydney? Oh, Please! Airds and Macquarie Fields I can understand why you’d mention them … not the worst suburb in Sydney by far though, and I don’t even know how you can say Woodbine! That’s got to be one of the quietest places in all of Campbelltown!

  140. The outer South-West sydney suburbs are probably the worse, the inner South West sydney suburbs arent that bad except they get more dangerous the more further you go out (Canterbury, Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba, punchbowl and Bankstown)

  141. I work at St Marys, and it has it’s bad areas. I think Mt Druitt and Blacktown have a few social issues.

  142. Worst are Airds, Maquarie Fields, Woodbine and most of those surounding these; high crime, high unemployment housing commission areas – they’re real Ghettos.

  143. i live in mount druitt its bad but only my generation make it that like you can lovly people here my street is so nice but my parents wont send me to a school around here

  144. . There are suburbs in Sydney where people are actually inbred, living in absolute squalor, sometimes in caravan parks, sometimes in weatherboard homes with walls missing, their babies surrounded by filth, flies all over everything… no amenities, no public transport to speak of, no culture, no jobs and no hope. I have seen some really bad places…Bidwill or Dharruk or Tregear come to mind

  145. these are very superficial reasons for labelling a suburb “worst”. you should really take crime statistics into account, over aesthetics…

  146. the city – a century of poor development management and decisions has seen it become a concrete wind tunnel devoid of life and culture and a distinct sense of its own history.  it also has a real sense of disconnection from the suburbs that surround it.  all this, and still nowhere to park!