What is Sydney’s worst shopping centre and why?


shopping_trolleyYou’ve spoken loud and clear on Twitter… the “best shopping centre” question earlier this week was obviously the wrong choice of words.

So let’s get down to what really matters here – warning other Sydney residents about the worst shopping centres in Sydney.

There’s a few obvious choices… but maybe you should ward others away from some local terrible areas as well.


  1. Burwood NSW Westfields.
    This shopping centre was re-built for the Sydney Olympics?! The air conditioning has never worked properly.
    Burwood Westfields is like a sauna. No amount of complaining over the last 16 years has fixed the problem.

  2. Ashfield mall =embarassment for residents.
    Entrance sign has been broken/smashed for years-garden bed on Liverpool rd entrance is a mess of dirt and tree roots,-common area at entrance riddled with pigeons
    Come on centre management smarten up

  3. Condel Park Complex.
    This place looks dilapidated for a start, but while there I damaged my cars rear bumper by reversing into a space. A very large tree and its roots had lifted the foot path behind me so much it scratched the underside of my car. I approached some shops about centre management & they all said he’s a so-and-so . Nonetheless I left a message and got a call back later to the tune of, “What do you want me to do, re-pave the whole carpark?” I’ve met ‘not my fault, not my problem’ type people such as this before, who never want to take responsibility for anything that costs money, and are always crying about how poor they are. Prick.

  4. Surry Hills Village! Only place I’ve ever been hassled by the local junkies bludging a dollar. And then there’s the rest of the mall filled with whining druggies. Ugh.

  5. Campsie shopping centre is a dingy depressing little place which has the worst parents’ rooms I’ve been in. There was no hot water, soap, paper towels or hand dryer; the microwave had been stolen, the light bulbs burnt out and a tradie walked into the cubicle where I was trying to breastfeed my son; luckily he couldn’t see much cause there were as I said no lightbulbs.

  6. Strathfield Shopping center.

    Inside looks crap; virtually no interesting shops; full of crappy, over-priced Korean food; some of the shops look like they’re never done a single renovation in 30 years.

  7. A couple of years ago, Christmas, Hannaka and one of the major Muslim holidays coincided.

    I made the mistake of entering the Bondi Junction Westfield underground carpark – on the final shopping day before that holiday.


    It took me four hours to get out of there. I didn’t even make it to the shops. It must have been close to Mothers Day before I even dared go back.

  8. Minto Mall.
    It has hardly anyone there, 75% of it is empty shops, the place ran down when K Mart moved out and Big Lot (of crap) moved in, It was like a Go-lo with high prices on crap, 2nd hand bed that cost more than a decent brand new bed, It was a racist theme in Minto as The Asians that owned Big Lot had forced people out with high rent and moved family and friends in to replace the shops, There was no maintenance done on the shops, roofs were leaking water when it rained, Coles was the most dirtiest shop I have ever been to with dust and dirt everywhere, a roof caved in at one of the clothing store and they were forced to move out. Sliding doors failed, escalators failed breaking down every week, Gardens look like bushes, wires hanging off in the Mall everywhere.

  9. Macquarie Shopping Centre. The biggest and scariest carpark (try finding your car afterwards). plus All those same looking ramps and entrances! (argghhh). Avoid at all costs!

  10. Here’s an update on Westfield Penrith.

    So I take the Mrs to Coffee Club for lunch after a job interview that went well on Thursday 27th August – we get there around 12:10. Have to pick the kids up by 3pm from School, so we’ll be out in plenty of time to avoid paying (3 hours free).

    We have lunch, pick up our new iPhones from Vodafone and start to leave at 2:15pm. As luck would have it, can’t find the carpark ticket.

    So I tell the complete-waste-of-space that claims he is the Carpark Supervisor that we’ve lost the ticket, but we have receipts from Coffee Club and signed contracts from Vodafone to prove we weren’t there longer than 3 hours. His comment ?

    “Sorry mate – $30 fee for a lost ticket. If you find the ticket bring it in and we’ll give you a refund”. Never mind that to park in there ALL DAY is only something like $15. Forget, for a moment, that I didn’t have any cash on me (or on the credit card). And God forbid that we should have to pick our kids up before 3pm !!

    This ass refused to budge, refused to negotiate, refused to call the Westfield Manager (Brett Clarke, if you’re interested), and was a complete butthole. So I threatened to park my car there across two exit lanes while I looked for the ticket. He threatened to call the cops, which I would have let him do had I not been hurrying to pick up a 4yo and 9yo from school. I wonder what the Police would think of them, being called for something so minor.

    Oh, he also said “You agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Parking when you entered the carpark”. If they are on the sign at the carpark entrance, I’ve never read them – nor, I suspect, has anyone else. Posting “terms” doesn’t mean that you agree with them. Next time (if ever) I go there I think I’ll stop in the entrance, inconviencing all the other patrons, while I read the sign in its’ entirety !

    Better still, get 5 mates to come with me in their cars and block ALL the entrances by reading the signs !!!

    We eventually tailgated someone out another exit – this is after being abused by almost every other motorist for blocking the exit – and probably fair enough as well (except for the prick that just sat behind me with his hand on the horn and refused to go around – HIM I could care less about).

    We spent an enjoyable night trying to calm a very upset 4yo that thought her mum and dad had “forgotten” her, or that something had happened to us (one of her friends lost her father to cancer a few weeks ago, so you can imagine how fertile her imagination is !!).

    Needless to say I’ve emailed the Manager, for all the good that will do.

  11. The complete craphole that is Westfield Penrith.

    The Management don’t give a stuff about the customers – as evidenced by a $20 Gift Voucher promotion they had recently. Go to the Concierge to redeem your voucher and be told “Oh, we ran out weeks ago”.

    Never mind that most of the shops we shopped at were still displaying the signs promoting it – and in microscopically small print on them was “while stocks last”.

    Management’s excuse for them still being up after a few weeks ? “Oh, well you can’t expect the retailers to take them all down – some of them are in hard-to-reach places”.

    HELLO ?? You put the bloody things up, you can take them down too.

    And don’t even get me started on the security droids – I get packed in (I used to have a Landcruiser) and they REFUSE point blank to page the guy to move his car. I moved it for them (hey, what’s a bullbar for, right ??) and they threaten to have me arrested. Never mind the dozens of people speeding, parking illegally, etc.

  12. That terrifying monolith that is Bondi Junction Westfield. Once you’re in, there’s little hope of escape.

    Which may as well be known as “Bondi Junction” these days.


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