What is Sydney’s ugliest piece of architecture and why?


Sydney has its fair share of unusual buildings – which do you reckon is the biggest eye-sore?

It could be you believe some of our modern buildings to be dire. Or perhaps a building that’s got some history that is rather ghastly.

Whether it’s in the city or your neighbourhood, list the worst structure below.


  1. Those 1960’s style Soviet bloc style “Toaster” buildings that completely block out the view of the gardens. Who the hell approved those? I love Sydney (and I am a Melbournian), it is generally a beautiful city, and it has the most beautiful harbour in the world. But these buildings are out of place and should never have been built.

  2. Those skinny apartment buildings beside the railway tracks in Burwood.
    Where are we, Tokyo??

    Also second points to Blues Point ower.

  3. I’m with Mark on this one – the new residential apartments which have been built along side the station at Buwood are the most revolting buildings I’ve seen in Sydney. Ultimately however they will also be the most sought after flats in the area because they will provide the only vantage point from where you won’t be able to see the building itself….

  4. “Burwood Central” near Burwood Station is shamefully a hands-down winner of the ugliest building in Sydney! They’ve found the absolute cheapest way to house thousands of people and yet let light in as well. The horror, the horror…

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  6. The city needs more colour. Not everything needs bright colours, but how many buildings do you see that are grey, brown and they all look the same? All the buildings look the same and are boring which brings a gloomy mood to the city. Cant the old or terrible designs be altered with it a tad bit more colour or grooming? Everyone knows Sydney looks terrible today, but no one’s actually committed to change anything to make the city look better. The motive is just money.

    The city is far too crammed with too many BIG buildings that look terrible. The designers should propose smaller designs with more land space. We are doing the wrong thing by thinking that big and bulky buildings means better when really, they will just overwhelm each other and the beautiful sites. This means less space to walk and enjoy the city skyline, since everything is squished against each other. Architectural sites should have much better high-quality design, its the meant to be about the quality not quantity.

  7. 184 Phillip Street – The Magistrates/High court building. It sits in a fantastic location, overlooking Hyde Park, Woolloomooloo, the harbour and across to The Heads, yet it has little to no windows.
    Also the outside of it is always covered in scaffolding and cranes etc.
    It would be fitting for some cashed up developer to refurbish the exterior of this building, as has been done to many of the other buildings which front on to Hyde Park

  8. I find all of the modern americanized skyscrappers in the City to be really ugly. just looks like giant concrete lego,

  9. Sydney has so much potential to be the most beautiful city in the world, however there is one too many ugly ugly buildings – however they got approved to be built in the first place should be looked into and this has gone on for well over 50 years at least. The AMP building at circular quay is UGLY! circular wharfs are just as bad… Centerpoint tower should be bulldozed long ago and replaced with a magnificent super tall building like the Empire state building etc – The toaster apartments as they have become known as at circular quay also needs to go (again who is approving these designs is the real question and these people should be held accountable) I think SYDNEY is just a beautiful city with so much natural wonders, however a REAL plan has to be started to get rid of a lot of these ugly buildings and structures and start a replacement soon as possible including the cahill expressway (again what a joke that is) These changes may cost many many billions of dollars, but plans have to start sometime. And BTW what is it with Sydney’s tall buildings being on the midget side of tall. I read once, the plan was not to allow the building to over shadow the Bridge. OMG are they serious ! kick the sydney and nsw gov out for good and start again.

  10. The toaster is not too bad- I’d love to live there.
    As for Blues Point tower, ditto on living there, plus it is such an elegant tower. Love it.
    Blandville Court is a bit hard edged international modern.
    But I think the Greenway apartments on the eastern side of the northern approach to the harbour bridge is the worst. The fact that they named it after Greenway is what really offends.

  11. Without doubt the Wynyard interchange & tunnels from George/Pitt to Kent St

    It would have the highest daily concentration of foot traffic in the City yet has a lack of natural light & ventlation, hideously dated design & in most areas unhygienic, uneven & filthy surfaces. Blah!

  12. 33 Kimberley Street, Vaucluse.

    This buidling would look ugly no matter where it was located but its ugliness is compounded by the fact that it sits on a beautiful stretch of Sydney’s coast.

  13. I’d say that blockish run-down building that pops up on your left when you enter the city via the Harbour Bridge, and that it always has this pro-jesus propaganda. I’ve hated it ever since I first saw it, it just ruins the view.

  14. just spent easter in sydney – up from melbourne. the worst building is the monstrous thing that runs up to the opera house (the toast rack?) it’s too close to the opera house, spoils the views of the harbour from the park, and spoils the view of the park from the quay. someone has kicked money into the pockets of crooked politicians for this to happen. it’s a blight and should be removed – pay the compensation to the yuppies and the businesses – just get rid of it!

  15. That ugly monstrosity of a shopping centre/appartment block (or whatever it is) on circular quay that blocks the beautiful view of the botanic gardens behind it. Not only is it ugly, but it destroys what could be a really great view.

  16. I agree…the UTS building is hideous.

    But the Harry Seidler building overlooking Tamarama would have to be THE WORST architectural crime in Sydney. It’s been accurately listed in google maps as “Beach Butchery”.


    Checkout the “street view” version for a close up look.

  17. BLANDSVILLE COURT! At least I think that’s what it’s called. On the Corner of Victoria Road and Manning Avenue in Huntley’s Cove (near Gladesville)
    The building looks like it was made from bessa blocks.