What is the most weird or awesome street in Sydney?


Almost any local suburb in Sydney has a weird street. Possibly it’s some suburban residents that give an area a trifle too much character.

Maybe it’s some form of outlandish architecture or local feature that makes the street merely a trifle bit curious, or completely amazing.

Or there’s a great urban legend or human history around a particular street in Sydney.

It could be that it’s your favorite street in the CBD  and you’ve got a really good reason or fondly-held remembrances as to why.

Perhaps it’s a simply just a really idiotic name for a street in Sydney.

Let us know yours!


  1. I love the name – Welfare Avenue, Beverly Hills, Welfare road Homebush West, Welfare Lane Marmong point

  2. Little Napier St in Paddington, pedestrianised tiny village that no one knows about, full of pot plants and mini terraces.

  3. The Rock’s is home to Sydney shortest street, Atherden Street. Located just off Argyle Street is it only 28 meters long.

  4. Macleay Street Potts Point because of all the glamorous high rise Art Deco Apartments still in their unadulterated state

  5. About the “There And Back Again Lane” in Crows Nest – it’s a short laneway that leads to three carpark entrances branching off Bruce St, Crows Nest. The sign seems to be a replica of the real There And Back Again Lane sign in Bristol, UK about which information is abundant on the internet.

    Still, cool sign! =)

  6. Crown Street in Surry Hills! I’m glad I’m the first one!

    The guy in the C’s Flashback store smokes pot, you can smell it when you step inside. The BEST second-hand stores ever! Great and wacky vintage buys. There’s one Cafe which makes a good hot chocolate, and it looks pretty too (the cafe and the chocolate).

    Then there’s the bootmakers, the Perkel brothers, who I’ve grown rather fond of these past years… ah look at me ranting on as if I’ve even lived that long…

  7. New South Head Road at sunset as you’re travelling on a bus and can take in the view of the harbour and the city as you round the corner near Kincoppal. So beautiful!

  8. Bent St in Lewisham[?] has ‘the gender centre’ [support for transgendered peeps]- I love that.

    The upper end of Enmore Rd is good for all things punky and gothic. I’m always amused by the Thai massage place with ‘legit’ massage downstairs and ‘happy ending’ upstairs- I suspect the girls work both floors but have never been in to be certain. Any straight boys willing to research I’d love to know…

  9. Blacktown has a ‘Love St’ but apart from the name it is rather unspectacular. The sign gets stolen alot though…

  10. crown lane, behind club 77. It’s dirty and secluded. I’ve spent the happiest and saddest moment of my life in that little lane.

  11. O’Connell Street, Parramatta… just because you can occasionally see people injecting under the bridge (the street goes over the river). It makes you wonder if they have ever fallen in.

  12. Crows Nest has a “There and Back Again Lane”. I’ve only ever seen a single photo of the street sign. It doesn’t turn up on any maps and I’m yet to actually find it.

    It’s awesome just for the name, and for the fact that I’m discovering all sorts of amazing little North Shore secrets trying to find it. :-)