What is Sydney’s most awesome building or structure?


42-16397255This is a city known for its architecture… some buildings more famous than others.

Everyone’s got their own personal favourite structures – perhaps it’s a classic older building, or maybe an example of modern architecture.

What’s your favourite building or structure in Sydney?


  1. Mosman ferry wharf seems so peaceful and the Jacarandas down to the water in the middle of the city Mosman Bay is magic

  2. This is silly, nothing compares to the iconic Sydney Opera House, one of the most recognised buildings in the world.

  3. Governor Philip Tower is my favourite, awesome skyscraper. That Rezno Piano building would be a close second, It’s called Aurora Place.
    And of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    Always thought the Opera House was overrated, it’s built from bathroom tiles for goodness sakes! Though that being said, I can’t think of a better Opera House or concert building any where in the world.
    And for Victorian buildings I’ve have to say GPO. Take a look at the sculptures and statues on the buildings. The whole building is an art gallery onto itself.

  4. This is too hard to narrow down to one. Old has to win out over new. I say the Cathedrals are pretty awsome St. Andrews and St. Marys, but Sydney University has some pretty awsome buildings as well. There is too many to narrow it down to one building when our city has soooooo much in the way of awsome architecture.

  5. my apartment block – seriously – it’s in Canterbury (with a great Op shop nearby)…..close to everything necessary and full of great people – with a huge garden in the back where a rag-tag cacophony of children play for hours every weekend…..happily in the blazing sun (including my son)….I think I’m in heaven…..

  6. My fave is the Rezno Piano building on the north-eastern side of the city, close to Governor Philip Tower and the Botanical Gardens. I just love its odd near-cylindrical shape.


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