What is Sydney way too obsessed with?


sydney-darling-harbourWhat are Sydney residents overly obsessed with? Anything which you’re truly sick of hearing about?

Maybe it’s a sport code, a particular pub, a TV show, a particular personality, something in the media…

Let Sydney know what’s bugging you, and maybe everyone will stop talking about it!

(Photo: stage88 via Flickr)


  1. The shallowest of things possible (material wealth, popularity, sex appeal/fashion sense, how cool and ‘hip’ you are etc etc…)

  2. Being nimbys…just allow some development for housing for future generations…and in the city…not just the sticks

  3. I am astonished at how competitive people are in Sydney and real estate matters far too much to them. Plus their knowledge of world affairs is generally limited to their own tedious trip abroad.

  4. I’m sick of Sydney constantly competing with Melbourne! We r the number 1 country…so all the cities r number 1…I’ve lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane..they r all unique!!


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