What don’t we have enough of in Sydney?


As great as this city is, perhaps we’re just a little jealous that we don’t have certain things that other cities have in plenty.

When you’re visiting other cities around the country, do you ever find yourself wishing… “I wish we had more of this at home”?

What could we do with just a little more of in Sydney?


  1. Not enough nice people. Not enough colour. Not enough public art. Not clean enough because all the Euro-styled buildings are terrible.

  2. And public art… we have good amount of street art around Newtown and Bondi. But what about sculptures, we have such talent in the city with sculptures by the sea, but why hasn’t the city thought to hire these artists and put their work up around the CBD?

  3. Trains.
    And houses.
    More density, the city is growing rapidly and housing construction isn’t keeping up, but the city can’t just keep sprawling. Need more terrace houses and residential skyscrapers.

  4. better infrastructure. Agree with above – Sydney is seriously dangerous to cycle on the roads!

    honest politicians!

  5. I think there should be more bike friendly facilities in Sydney. It is so hard for cyclists to get around a lot of the time and the general attitude towards them (mainly from drivers) is very poor.

  6. I wish we had more street food. i.e. mobile soup kitchens, on the corner stir fry joints, roving ice cream vendors on bicycles, fresh donut carts at busy intersections, popup pie shops, etc


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