What do you miss most in Sydney CBD?


Sydney CBD is a being that’s always changing each day.

Unfortunately, this can mean some of our first-rate city highlights being redeveloped overnight.

Which shops, parks and city features do you miss most in Sydney CBD?


  1. The odeon record bar near town hall with it’s 6T’s promo shots on the wall
    La Parisenne , ahh steak Dianne with waitress’s in minis and fishnets
    The Roma where I worked at the time as a projectionist
    George street 1975 on a Saturday , yes even the Hari Krishnas
    it was so alive.

  2. oh! last but not least….The Hub Theatre in downtown Newtown., the building is still there but the porn Cinema closed its doors in March 1996….it’s just not the same without that seedy, sleazy corner of Newtown.

  3. Here’s a few more…..the Forum Cinema near Railway Square (demolished around 1982), The Rapallo and Paramount Cinemas in George Street.
    Ashwood’s second hand Book and Records in Pitt Street (now it’s Korean Convenience Grocery store!), it relocated briefly to York Street opp. QVB but closed last year….things were never the same after that for Ashwood’s.

  4. The old Roma Theatre, (George Street opp the Hoyts cinema complex which now has a different name!) – The Regent Theatre which sat near the corner of George and Bathurst and The Adult Eros Cinema located also in George St in the now demolished and long Hordern Bros. Building