What area of Sydney makes you proud to live here?


Let’s face it – there are many areas in Sydney that are so delightful, or make us feel so happy – we can’t help feeling a smidget smug that the city is so terrific.

What road or area in Sydney makes you proud to call this city the place where you live?


  1. The eastern suburbs, especially around Darling Point, Edgecliff, Paddington… The perfect balance of proximity to the city with a quiet inner suburban ambience.

  2. Without a doubt the Northern Beaches of Sydney are some of the most beautiful in the world. Stretching from from Manly to Palm Beach with great surf, sand & snorkelling. Highlights include Pittwater, Kuringai National Park, Narrabeen Lakes, Warriewood Wetlands, Shelly Beach Marine Sanctuary and.Palm Beach Lighthouse. It’s hard to believe that all this is so close to a capital city.

  3. Brighton-le-sands

    Cafes beach restaurants …. 15 mins to city – hurstville – Newtown … What more could you ask for !!

  4. So much great architecture, with projects that costed hundreds of millions all around you, done by world renowned architects, mixed in with Victorian era classics. I love the density and busy vibrant atmosphere.

  5. Annandale is a little pocket of heaven in the crazy, eclectic Sydney we call home. I previously lived there and have been craving it’s serene, luscious streets that stretch far enough for cars to park AND drive on both sides of the road! There are trees lining every path you walk down and the little alleyways connect you to the main roads that lie parallel to each other, you’ll never get lost. But you will lose yourself. Booth Street powers down the middle with it’s burst of shops that provide all you essentially need to get through a week. But never fear! If you need to get around public transport is not far away. Parramatta Road and Victoria Road give you a massive hug of buses on either side while Booth Street provides a link to Leichhardt and Glebe too. The city is not far, and a bike is possible to use as transport not only there, but around the ‘burb as drivers are not maniacal and don’t seem to have to get to the next traffic light in the next 5 seconds of their life. The splatters of parks are oasis’s for dog walkers, small children, skaters/scooters/bikers and you can smell the oxygen! Such a nice contrast to the chaotic city sometimes. Secret hiding spots are developed and when you come across one, be sure to leave it untouched, you might make one of those small children cry if you don’t.
    Overall, Annandale is peaceful. The houses are cute and the people are cuter. Sure, you’re surrounded by young families and old couples but they’re usually the most entertaining (and the most talkative).
    Oh, on a final note, be sure to go to The Little Marionette for coffee. It’s brilliant.. Not that I’m biased because I work there or anything :)