What are the most beautiful old theatres in Sydney?


Although Sydney seems to be permanently under construction, there’s still a handful of beautiful old theatres scattered around Sydney. Many of them aren’t in use as a theatre these days, but remain as a monument to the beautiful art deco architecture that was once so popular in Sydney. What are your favourite beautiful old theatres in Sydney?

The long-standing Capitol Theatre in Sydney’s CBD is still alive and well, and is in amazingly good condition considering it’s over 100 years old. Is this your favourite beautiful old theatre around town?

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the State Theatre on Market Street in the city, you’ll also know that the grand atrium is truly something to behold. The ornate gothic/art deco design is absolutely spectacular.

Perhaps there’s a smaller, more humble theatre around that you love – or somewhere in the suburbs that has been repurposed completely.

Where do you rate as the most beautiful old theatres in Sydney?


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