What are the best independent cinemas in Sydney?


If you prefer indie cinema and your idea of a visit to the movies doesn’t involve a jumbo popcorn and bucket of Coke, you’re probably more of an independent cinema person. Thankfully, there’s quite a few great little indie film houses scattered around the city. What are your favourite independent cinemas in Sydney, and what makes them so great?

These are the types of cinemas that can offer unique food selections, like a great selection of wine and locally sourced tapas. Our little tip is to hunt down the independent cinemas in Sydney which are located in “foodie” districts – they often source their supplies from some of the great little delis and larders around the area!

If the thought of visiting Hoyts or Event Cinemas makes you cringe, where do you rate as the best independent cinemas in Sydney, and why are they so great?


  1. The Ritz Randwick has a great blend of mainstream and not so mainstream films. Unbeatable prices and vast range of places to eat at The Spot before or after the movie.


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