What are the best food blogs in Sydney?


Many of us rely on food and “what’s on” blogs to find out about the best new restaurants opening up in Sydney, so today we’re looking to compile a list of the best. Now’s the time to give your favourite Sydney food blogger a shout-out. Which sites get your vote as the best food blogs in Sydney?

Perhaps there’s a fairly well-known blog you’ve been reading for a while because they simply continually deliver the goods. Or perhaps there’s someone who specialises in reviewing restaurants of a particular cuisine which you love.

It could just be that your vote for the best food blog in Sydney goes to someone who flies under the radar, but simply writes really well and has great taste in Sydney restaurants!

Let us know who gets your vote for the best food blogs in Sydney. Please note: comments will be moderated to make sure there’s no link spammin’ going on.




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