The worst Sydney suburbs

If you’re looking for popular opinions on the worst Sydney suburbs, you’re in the right place. Locals have voted on the suburbs to avoid in Sydney – here’s some of our most popular posts about these worst Sydney suburbs.

The worst suburbs in Sydney

We’ve got the final word on the worst suburbs in Sydney. Locals have voted on Sydney’s worst suburbs – reckon you know which areas are voted the worst? Check out our list of the worst Sydney suburbs here.

The most dangerous suburbs in Sydney

Think you know where the most dangerous suburbs in Sydney are? See if you agree with everyone else’s opinions on Sydney’s most dangerous suburbs.

The worst train stations in Sydney

Reckon your local CityRail station is a bit of a stinker… maybe even the worst on the network? See if other Sydney residents agree on our worst train stations in Sydney page.

The worst mobile phone coverage in Sydney

Checking the coverage of a mobile phone provider before you commit to a contract is pretty important, especially considering Sydney’s hills. Check reviews from other residents on who has the best mobile phone coverage in Sydney, and which suburbs are problematic for reception.

Things that are missing from Sydney

Sydney on the whole is pretty fantastic, but there’s still some things our great city desperately needs. Read the most popular opinions from Sydney residents on what is missing from Sydney.

The worst shopping centres in Sydney

Carparks that are too small, outdated decor, confusing navigation, poor selections of stores… some shopping centres in Sydney are definitely not the best. Discover which Sydney Westfield and other shopping centres to avoid and the best nearby alternatives on this page.

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