Who runs the spookiest Sydney ghost tours?


If you don’t mind a good scare, there’s a few Sydney ghost tours around which can be a fun night out. If you’ve been on any of these Sydney ghost tours, which do you recommend as the spookiest, and why was it so much fun? Help out your fellow scare-seekers!

There’s a fairly well-known ghost tour which operates around the Rocks, an area steeped in history – but it’s open air amongst crowds, so how spooky is it really?

If you don’t mind a short trip up into the Blue Mountains, there’s another ghost tour in that area which has a great reputation and a lot of variety – you’ll witness graveyards, old convict stockades and more.

The Sydney Quarantine Station ghost tour has one of the best reputations going around, and we’ve frequently read (seemingly authentic) visitor reviews from petrified visitors who saw many unexplained phenomena – a genuinely frightening place! Have you been there?

Let us know your recommendation for the spookiest Sydney ghost tour in the comments below.


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