What is your favourite store that only exists in Sydney?


Sydney shopping is almost a competitive sport these days. If you don’t know where to go, Sydney shoppers can take an eye out in the rush for bargains. However, on this post, we’re looking for the unique stores which you just don’t find outside of our awesome city.

So, in other words, we’re not talking about Pitt Street, Sydney. We want to know about the secreted away Sydney places with cool little boutiques and hand made items. There’s so many of these cool little shops in Sydney which people deserve to know about, so share your tips!

Whether it’s finding gifts in Sydney, a local clothing retailer or just unique homewares – what are your favourite shops that only exist in Sydney?


  1. I can think of two, Jason Moss jewellery and babylikestopony, both off Oxford Street on South Dowling street. In fact this little group of shops is pretty awesome, there’s also a couple of other boutiques and a hat maker too. Babylikestopony has unique lingerie and body wear, my girlfriend goes gaga over it. Jason Moss is an incredible jeweller, unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.


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