Where are the most scenic parts of Sydney?


We’re a city that’s lucky to have a beautiful harbour, rolling hills and many scenic lookouts… but if you had to choose just one or two favourite spots in our city, where would you rate as the most scenic parts of Sydney?

They don’t have to be the classic choices like the Sydney Opera House or somewhere along Bondi Beach, either. There’s plenty of reasons to visit other parts of Sydney which don’t immediately spring to mind as classically beautiful scenic parts of Sydney, but still provide an unexpectedly great view from an otherwise unassuming suburb.

Whether it’s some of the best beaches in Sydney or a favourite part of the Blue Mountains, share your favourite scenic parts of Sydney in the comments below.


  1. * Greenwich point
    * Balmoral (moonrise)
    * Dover Heights (east & west side)
    * Milsons Point
    * River Ferry


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