Where are the most picturesque cemeteries in Sydney?


Cemeteries and graveyards are popular choices for photographers in Sydney – there are some hauntingly pretty and historic old graveyards around this city.

As long as you’re careful not to disturb other visitors, these graveyards are a great place to visit to take some tasteful photography. We’re all quite familiar with the Waverley Cemetery at Bronte – one of the most picturesque graveyard sites you’re likely to see. Can you think of any other historical or interesting graveyards around the city with a nice view or other notable features?

Nominate your top choices for the most picturesque graveyard in Sydney below.


  1. The Waverley Cemetery in Vaucluse. Heaps of famous people were burried there too,, like the Packer family, Henry Lawson, Jules Archibald, etc.

  2. This isn’t located near the city but there’s an old cemetery at Wisemans Ferry. It’s on Singleton Rd right on the Hawkesbury river. it’s not jam packed with tombstones but I think it has really old graves from early settlers?


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