Where is the most haunted place in Sydney?


We’ve all seen those haunted tours in Sydney, but have you had any scary ghost hunts of your own?

Let everyone know your recommendations for haunted buildings in Sydney.


  1. My nomination for the most haunted building near Sydney,..is The Friendly Inn, down in Kangaroo Valley…about 350 k’s down south, near Bowral…there you can meet the spirit of old Chiefy..a miner, away back from the 1700’s…sit in the cane chair, that he once sat in, whilst the congenial publican ..Patrick…pours you another beer,..and relate..how he hears Chiefy walk down the creaking old wooden stairs to help him lock up the Pub…and as you sit in the chair,..you will feel your blood turn to ice…and then Chiefy will open the swinging doors for you,..as you go home >>>>fair dinkum !!!……….pj