The Grumpy Pole

The Grumpy Pole (“GP”) is a pseudonym for a guest contributor (who wishes to remain nameless).

Not meant to cause offence, this name is partly piss-take on the ‘She Pushed Me – You Evil Pole‘ episode of Little Britain, coupled with his own proud admission of being a particular style of grump.

Having run and owned his own restaurants in Poland, he has a fine appreciation for good food, but especially quality service (service, he feels is missing here in Australia).

You will see mention and pop-ups of the GP from time to time and this page is just to give you a back story on our grumpiest resident as we here at Sydneyism desperately search for a restaurant, cafe, or bar which might finally live up to the GP‘s high standards.

Do you think your restaurant, cafe or bar can pass the grump test? Email [email protected] and we’ll pop in for a mystery dine.