Who is the best wedding celebrant in Sydney?


Finding a celebrant who understands the type of wedding you’re trying to hold can turn good wedding ceremonies into great ones. To help out those who are about to get their hands on a marriage certificate, who can you recommend as an excellent marriage celebrant in Sydney?

If you’re wondering “what is a marriage celebrant?” – they may represent a specific religion, or a civil marriage celebrant who oversees a non-religious wedding. Either way, they’ve been certified by the government to conduct a ceremony of marriage. They can also provide you with some great advice on finding appropriate wedding reception venues in Melbourne, too.

If you’ve seen a particularly good Sydney wedding celebrant in action recently, leave your recommendation in the comments.


  1. Mary Jones. A wonderful person and she has been happily married for 45 years and going strong. Not only is she a marriage celebrant but she is also helpful and knowledgeable in all things weddings.


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