What is the best way to meet people in Sydney if you’re new to the city?


Moving to a new city isn’t always fun if you don’t have a social circle established. That said, Sydney is a very friendly city and there’s plenty of opportunities to make new friends. If you moved to Sydney in the last few years, what did you find were the best ways to meet people in Sydney?

Perhaps there’s a local group you can recommend, or some particularly friendly and socially inclusive sporting teams. Maybe it’s just a particular bar that you’ve always found easy to make friends at. Some local corner pubs are great places to strike up a conversation with a random stranger – are there any you can recommend as a way to meet people in Sydney?

Surprisingly, there’s quite a few inner-city pubs and locations where it’s really easy to strike up a conversation with strangers. For example, the East Sydney Hotel has a big reputation for having a country pub feel where it’s easy to start a conversation with any of the pub regulars, and it’s only walking distance from the CBD.

What do you recommend as the best way to meet people in Sydney?


  1. I think if you join a social group of which there are plenty or perhaps take part in a tour. You can actually make friends in Sydney, there are plenty of ways.

  2. I know a lot of people and myself included who have met a lot of people via Meetup. Whatever your hobby or interests, you can find a group with like-minded people.


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