Where are the best vegetarian restaurants in Sydney?


You don’t need to be on a fully-fledged vegan diet to have a preference for  the scads of supreme and appetizing Sydney restaurants for vegan diners. There’s lots of them cloaked around Sydney CBD and suburbs – it might be you are aware of some specialising in very good vegetarian pizza. It’s not difficult to miss these restaurants, and they’re without exception so healthy and an easy way to get your protein fix in a meal.

Whether’s it’s breakfast or dinner there’s umpteen local tips when it comes to vegetarian food in Sydney, so voice up, vegetarians! Help us find the terrific vegetarian restaurants in Sydney, and be sure to mention the best vegetarian meal recipes.


  1. Yulli’s in Surry Hills constantly has the highest quality, most interesting vego food. Shocked not to see it on the list yet when vile and dirty Mother Chu’s is on here twice??

  2. Peace Harmony on Erskine St
    sushi choo at ivy do delish vego options if you just ask
    And Tetsuya does a vego degustation

  3. Sababa is delicious!
    Funky Pies just around the corner from Sababa has the best vegie pies in Sydney as well, they’re actually all veg….yum!