What is the best thing to eat in Sydney?


dining out in Sydney is renowned as a series of culinary delights – so where’s your favourite Sydney dish?

Perhaps it’s considered the top dining in Sydney – or maybe it’s just your favourite bar.

Let us know where to eat out in Sydney with your nominations!


  1. Its definitely not sushi train… I have tried 5 revolving restaurants, all who had queues, since I moved here from Tokyo last year. They were all over priced and disgusting. Revolving Sushi in Japan is a cheap but tasty meal, most plates are $1 or $2, and you normally walk out quite content with a bill of just $15 or $20. The Green tea is always free. I guess I am biased as I know how it should be, but someone really needs to write a review book or guide or something for revolving sushi. Not being racist, but 90% of the Revolving Japanese restaurants I have been to here, are not run or owned by Japanese, they use inferior seaweed, which a true Japanese chef would never allow.
    For a true sushi experience, I recommend Azuma in the city, for the true Ramen experience try Blancharu in Potts point.

  2. Dego at Restaurant Atelier. Incredible talent in the kitchen & superb knowledge in the front of house.

  3. Two of the best things I’ve ever eaten are in Sydney: (1) Penang Curry of Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Shin with the Barbeque Pork & Prawn Fried Rice from China Doll in Woolloomooloo. (2) Guillaume’s Yellow Fin Tuna infused with basil at Bennelong. Just checked their websties, and both are still on the respective menus. Not cheap, but worth it.

  4. Sydney rock oysters – i love them natural so nothing can hide their slightly bitter taste.B-)