Where is the best Thai restaurant in Sydney?


Today is a guest post from Phillippa of What’s On Sydney:

I’ve been searching for some splendid Thai eateries around Sydney, and there’s just too many to select from – so I’d love to hear any tips from Sydneyism readers.

Where do you visit for Thai dining around the city? Is the most greatest cusine located in the Rocks, Crown Street in Surry Hills… or do you have a secret suburban Thai restaurant that’s delicious?

I eagerly await your thoughts on the best Thai in Sydney!


  1. Hands down Thai pothong in Newtown. Incredible atmosphere and restaurant presentation, outstanding service and the food of course is sumptuous :)

  2. Chat Thai near the Capitol theater is indeed very nice (along with the longest queues. Although there’s a place in crows nest called Khacha Thai and it’s the best I’ve had so far.

  3. I’ve written an entry challenging Sydney to tell me the answer, haha. So far the best in my eyes has been Chat Thai near the Capitol Theatre.