Where is the best Sunday lunch in Sydney?


Finding good restaurants in the city which are also open on Sundays isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You’re often competing against tourists, the entire city seems to be out hunting for brunch… but perhaps you’ve got the word on some hidden secrets for Sunday lunch in Sydney.

So where do you think are some good places to eat for Sunday lunch in Sydney? Are you after lunch at a hotel, or perhaps something a little more relaxed and informal?

There’s some popular choices which often rear their heads on a weekend – maybe you reckon you know where Sydney’s best yum cha or Sydney sushi train is located.

A pub lunch in Sydney is always a popular choice – or if you’re starving there’s always the concept of a buffet lunch in Sydney! Where would you nominate as the best Sunday lunch in Sydney?


  1. One of my favourites is Newport Arms Hotel. Water views, great atmosphere, and good food and drink. Buses go to the front door…


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