Where are the best suburbs for a Sydney investment property?


If you’re working out where to buy a house in Sydney, you’re really not alone. The Sydney real estate market is a bewildering beast.

Living in Sydney is fantastic, but can you realistically budget for the top suburbs of Sydney – or is the best property investment located in cheap suburbs in Sydney?

If you have recently bought property in Sydney, comment with your hints for where to buy Sydney investment properties at the moment.


  1. Sydney’s inner west, particularly Ashfield. You can still get a spacious 2-bedroom unit for under $450K. Express train gets you to the CBD in 15-20 mins.

  2. I would be careful about borrowing more than you can easily repay. However, with that in mind, I think anywhere in Sydney’s east is a good bet.

  3. No place especially when i get rid of the stupid tax break that is neg gearing. what govt encourages people to lose money in the short term in the hope the end capital gain outweighs those losses. idiotic