Where are the best skate shops in Sydney?


Skating in Sydney is frickin’ rad. As if we didn’t already live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s damn fun riding your skateboard here too! So today we’re hunting down the best skateboard shop in Sydney.

Of course, there’s plenty of skate shop stores in Sydney, specialising in a few different things – some are better for actually buying skateboards decks and others seem to have a better range of skater clothing. One man’s Vans is another man’s DC, though, so make sure you tell us who your favourite skate store stocks!

If you don’t really know what are the best skateboards to buy, then hopefully someone can recommend a skate store in Sydney that’s helpful to skating n00bs – hey, we were all there once.

Who do you rate as the best skateboard shop in Sydney and why?


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