Where is the best second hand book shop in Sydney?


There’s plenty of second hand bookshops in Sydney, and the suburbs too. Which is your best loved store?

They may specialise in second hand textbooks, or maybe a good second hand cookery book. Perhaps they’re a fantastic Australian bookshop.

Let us know where to get used books in Sydney.


  1. [email protected]

    The big one in Newtown…..Books on King I think. I could browse there for hours!

  2. My best second hand store closed unfortunately. There used to be a basement second hand bookstore near Haymarket, just before the corner to Haymarket itself, near a smoke store and a XXX place. No really. It didn’t have a name, and the entrance was a hole in the wall, followed by a staircase down into the hugest basement, filled to the ceiling with books. There were stacks of books in aisles bc they were running out of space. It was immense. It was like visiting another world… And then it was gone. I lived overseas for awhile and when I returned found it had gone. I miss it desperately and no other store can compare.