The best restaurants in Sydney

We’ve been running surveys on the best restaurants in Sydney for every type of cuisine you can think of, for many years. Here’s some of the most popular posts about restaurants in Sydney, where you’ll find loads of great ideas for your next restaurant to try.

The best late night dining in Sydney

Late night dining in sydney

Whether you need a bite to eat after a long night out of partying, or you’ve just stayed back way too late at work – check our suggestions for the best restaurants for late night dining in Sydney.

The best parma in Sydney

The best chicken parma in Sydney

The chicken parma has become a national treasure – but which pubs, clubs and cafes serve the best parma in Sydney? Find out what other locals have to say.


The best vegetarian restaurant in Sydney

The best vegetarian restaurant in sydney

We’ve rounded up some of the tastiest and best vegetarian restaurants in Sydney, as voted by you. We’ve got some vegan options in here too.


The best desserts in Sydney

The best desserts in Sydney

From pancakes to ice cream, cake to frozen yoghurt… we’ve got the low down on the best desserts in Sydney, as voted by you.

The best American food in Sydney

The best American food in sydney

There’s more and more American-style diners popping up around Sydney, but who makes the best American food in Sydney?

Closed-down restaurants we miss in Sydney

They’re gone, but not forgotten. Join our discussion on closed-down restaurants in Sydney which we all miss!

Even more posts about Sydney food

Posts about restaurants in SYdney

If you’re ready to discover even more of the best restaurants in Sydney, head on over to our Dining in Sydney section.