Where are the best record stores to buy vinyl in Sydney?


Ahh, vinyl… you know it can’t be beat. Dropping the needle, that warm delightful scratchy sound, then listening to a “warmer” sound… no wonder it’s proven so popular with DJs. When it comes to buying vinyl in Sydney, though, there’s only a few decent stores left. Who do you recommend as the best store to buy vinyl in Sydney, and which genres do they specialise in?

It’s often cited that when you turn up the volume while playing vinyl, the music seems to get “deeper”; whereas turning up the volume on digital formats merely makes the music louder. No matter what your opinion, if you’re sold on vinyl then there’s no going back! Have you found any places to buy vinyl in Sydney which also offer a lot of technical expertise in record players and DJ setups as well?

Let us know where you rate as the best record stores to buy vinyl in Sydney, which genres they’re great for, and why they keep you going back.


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