What are the best reasons to live north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


At the risk of opening up an old debate which never seems to end, let’s hear from the folks who live north of the bridge.

Why do you reckon the northern beaches and suburbs are the place to be in Sydney? What makes it so superior to all the suburbs in the south and south-west?

Nominate the best reasons to live north of the bridge in the comments!


  1. I’ve lived in lots of different parts of Sydney – Turramurra, Bondi, Clovelly, La Perouse, Gladesville and Hunters Hill and both my kids were born in Rockdale, I have friends in different areas, and I think if you can’t find anything good about where you live, you aint trying hard enough. ALL of Sydney is awesome, each area has its strengths and weaknesses, I don’t buy into any debate about one being better than the other. We all look for natural spaces, peace and quiet, community and safety, culture and beauty. Every part of Sydney has a dark side as well. Be the best person you can be and enjoy life where you are. I live on the north side now because that is where my kids started school. I would rather live near the sea, but this is where I’ve built up a community, home is where the heart is. I can always drive to any part of Sydney any day. ALL OF SYDNEY IS MY HOME. I LOVE IT. Melbourne too, has a place for me, I went to high school there and all my family are there. I think STOP comparing and start embracing all of it. It’s there for us to all share and enjoy. Nobody is better than the other, embrace the differences and enjoy the fruits of our country together. I’m not christian, but the more we love our neighbours, the happier we’ll all be.

  2. For all those that will no doubt use the predictable “they never leave the northern beaches so how would they know” line….its a myth. We have seen just as much of sydney as the rest of you…the reason we rarely leave is because we know theres nowhere better….so why would we. Yes theres traffic…but thats because the rest of you are always coming up to sample what we enjoy every day of the year…and thats not being a wanker, we appreciate how lucky we are to live where we do….but dont slate it just because you arent as lucky. Its a beautiful place, hands down the best beaches, friendly communities, restaurants, parks, lakes and pubs….you cant argue the facts. As the saying goes, dont hate me coz you aint me.

  3. The girls are friendlier for a start. Even if they aren’t interested, they at least talk to a friendly bloke. In the ‘city’ a young bloke can’t get no satisfaction.

  4. There is far less traffic congestion in Sydney’s south and inner south west, as well as beaut parks and bushland like Carrs Bush Park, Oatley Bush Park and all along the Georges River out through East Hills. Why on earth people think north of the harbour is better is obviously that they just have never ventured out of their little world to see there is much better in the opposite direction. The beaches of the south are great as well as all the water access around Botany Bay. The fantastic Royal National Park beats all others. I wouldn’t even consider living north of the harbour and I have seen what it has to offer, traffic, traffic and more traffic.

  5. The leafy suburbs like Pymble and Turramurra, Lane Cove National Park and Kuringai. Great forests and bush land within a big city! Eastern Suburbs and Inner West have nothing that compares to this. Plus you have the Northern beaches and Manly.
    The hubs like Chatswood, St Leonard’s and North Sydney. Business centres with skylines more significant than some other major Australian cities like Adelaide and Hobart.
    The roads mostly work, with the Gore Hill Freeway, Lane Cove tunnel and Warringsh Freeway, there’s functional road system with less traffic jam issues than in the south. Though Military Road in Mosman is as bad as anything south of the bridge.


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