Who makes the best ramen in Sydney?


Some of the most popular Sydney food is definitely ramen. When you’re talking Sydney cheap food, it’s right up there as a tasty choice, but is a much better option than greasy fast food chain hamburgers! So which Japanese CBD restaurant makes the best ramen in Sydney?

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to visit a dedicated Japanese restaurant in Sydney. There’s plenty of speciality ramen noodle bars popping up – great for a quick and tasty lunch in Sydney.

Let’s not assume that the best ramen in Sydney can be found in the CBD, either… there’s probably a few outer suburbs with some hidden delights who know how to make amazing ramen.

So let us know: who makes the best ramen in Sydney?


  1. Gotta be Gumshara at Harbour Plaza foodcourt, second place goes to Ryo’s Ramen at Crows nest…others don’t even comes close

  2. deinfately TON TON in chifely tower and lumiere, only place in syd for black sesame tonkotsu soup… for the win!

  3. Ichi Ban Boshi in The Galeries Victoria. Hands down. AMAZING stuff. So good. I live in Canberra but every time I go to Sydney I’m sure to stop at Ichi Ban. So good.


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