Where is the best place to buy sake in Sydney?


Sake, known traditionally as nihonshu within Japan, isn’t to everyone’s taste… but those that love it really love it. Finding a place to buy sake in Sydney isn’t always as easy as it sounds, so today we’re looking for your tips on where to buy sake in Sydney.

Perhaps you know of a decent inner-city boutique bottle shop that sells sake – there’s reportedly a few bars around Chinatown which have a great range of sake. We’ve heard Chinatown Cellars and the Ultimo Wine Centre both have good ranges of sake, and the bottle shop near Tokyo Mart in Northbridge is also a good place to buy sake in Sydney. Are there any other liquor stores you can add to the list?

Let’s not forget that Sydney sake bars are also a great place to try lots of different types of sake all at once. There’s the obvious Sake Restaurant in the Rocks, but have you come across any other  Japanese restaurants with a good sake list in Sydney?

Recommend your favourite places to buy sake in Sydney below!



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