Who makes the best pancakes in Sydney?


There’s not many meals which you can eat at breakfast, lunch AND dinner – but pancakes, there you go. And we sure as hell love pancakes in Sydney. So who makes the best pancakes around the city?

We can already tell that most of you are about to start shouting “Pancakes at the Rocks! Pancakes at the Rocks!” So what is it that causes this famous pancake restaurant to generate so much praise? What are the best items on the menu that you just can’t find anywhere else?

Perhaps you’ve found a more humble local cafe which does something amazing with their pancake dishes – we want to know what makes them the best pancakes in Sydney.

Share your vote for the best pancakes in Sydney below.


  1. The best in Sydney is the Crepe and Coffee co! It’s on regent st Redfern- healthy, made to order with fresh produce, tasty and none of the gooey premade rubbish you get in the rocks!


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