Where is the best nail salon in Sydney?


Some of us are addicted to nail salons – nothing beats an amazing manicure and colour in shellac nail polish, and there’s a number of nail salons around Sydney that can create incredible works of art at the end of your fingers. Who gets your vote as the best nail salon in Sydney?

Knowing the art of a decent manicure can be easier said than done, so which salon specialists do you religiously keep returning to in Sydney? What makes them so good – do they know how to have a great conversation and provide an amazing experience, or do they use particular products which you just can’t find anywhere else?

Let’s not forget some of the amazing art which some nail salons in Sydney can paint onto your nails as well – there’s some truly astounding artists out there. Which nail salons in Sydney do this the best?

Let us know who gets your vote for getting a great manicure in Sydney below.


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