What has been your favourite moment at the Big Day Out in Sydney?


It’s the music festival that’s become a Sydney institution. From your very first visit as a nervous teenager, to seeing some of the greatest acts in the world as you get older, attending the Big Day Out in Sydney is a rite of passage. What have been your favourite Big Day Out moment that was truly epic?

Maybe it’s the time Iggy Pop got the crowd on stage and started asking people to get naked, or one of Rammstein’s infamous fire-fuelled spectacular shows. We can’t forget Courtney Love’s ongoing feud with Marilyn Manson in the 1990s, either.

Or perhaps something more recent, like the security guard nightmare that was the amazing Rage Against the Machine set in 2008.

And if you were lucky enough to see Nirvana at the very first Big Day Out… good god, tell us what it was like being there.

Share your favourite moment at the Big Day Out in Sydney in the comments below.


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